How the 3 Principles help: It’s probably not what you think

It’s common for those new to the Three Principles to get caught up in how precisely the Principles help. The implicit assumption is that “help” means “deliver a different experience.” But as we come to understand how Mind, Consciousness, and Thought produce our moment to moment experience of life, we are freed from preoccupation with the content of that experience. In this video I illustrate this with a story about breaking my wrist and invite you to consider where in your own life you see that your experience is coming from your thinking, not your circumstances.

I invite you to comment here. I’d love to know where you see this and where it looks to you like there are exceptions.

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  1. That’s so fascinating! Yesterday, I woke up with pain in my neck/shoulder, which happens sometimes when I practice flute a lot. I have performances and a possible audition coming up, so can’t afford to take time off right now. At first, I labeled the pain as a “bad” thing. Then, I realized I was creating my own experience 🙂 I decided to practice and the pain showed me that I needed to take more stretch breaks than usual and to make sure I had really good posture. It also let me know whenever I was tightening up as I played. I realized the pain was actually guiding me to do all the things I needed to play my best. It was a great example of creating my experience moment by moment and I didn’t make the connection until I saw your video, so thanks!

    • You are so welcome, Julia. Your story also beautifully how our minds naturally get quieter when we don’t take our thinking too seriously or personally, how in that quiet insight arises. Thank YOU!

      • Thanks for adding that comment. Always the great coach, you just deepened my learning 🙂

        • 🙂

  2. Well I am relieved that you didn’t break your wrist now. In fact it was suspenseful to watch the first minute or two (your right hand was out of the image and I started to imagine I would see it casted when it entered the frame). Okay, good, this Jewish mother has this fear alleviated.

    Good topic, I had an interaction this morning in which I saw myself watching my reaction until the moment came where I started to believe my thoughts and fears, fully inhabited my reaction, and forgot that this wasn’t the only way I could be reacting to this particular circumstance.

    I’m living proof that the insights of the 3Ps do not eliminate circumstances, which is in a very good way humbling. Every moment I breathe into despite the circumstance or attendant discomfort is a moment of liberation, and even through these moments may be minute and few in number, I can feel them interlocking and building something sustainable.

    For which I am immensely grateful.

  3. Molly, I have followed you for a long time and love your videos, so please take this question in the spirit it’s meant…playful. What I want to know is what you were drinking or smoking before you went on your walk…I need some of it! Love and hugs to you.

    • I know, right? And the truth is that I was stone cold sober, that is, until I got to the emergency room and they loaded me up on dilaudid. And I don’t mean to minimize the pain. It hurt like hell. Its just that the pain didn’t touch my underlying state of wellbeing. ♥ We all have what I had going for me; it’s just that we’re not always aware of it.

      • Wow, I sure hope I can master that someday. You are incredible.

        • Perhaps paradoxically, Sheila, I arrived at this when I stopped trying to mastering my feelings. It’s the illusion that anything w experience has to be mastered that locks us into suffering. ♥

          • Very true. Thanks…something for me to really ponder.

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