Anxiety Is Always About Ego

When we have anxiety about asking for something–asking a client for a testimonial, asking a prospective client to hire you, or making any other request–we may think we’re anxious because we don’t want to impose, but it’s always because the ego is invested in protecting a self image.

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Two Reasons You May Not Be Getting Traction

What’s going on when you can’t get traction with a project that’s important to you? It’s always either something in your environment or what’s going on between your ears. If it’s not the environment, odds are that you’re thinking about yourself instead of about thing to be done.

Is it time to stop spinning your wheels?

The Traction Mastermind is an elite coaching program that will get you unstuck and into action. In 16 weeks you’ll dissolve the barriers that hold you back once and for all so you can really be all that you are and do all that you are meant to do—and enjoy yourself in the process.

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How to deal with resistance? Stay in the game!

When it comes to dealing with resistance, you could suck it up and power through; you could cave; or you could stay in the game.

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Let’s just say YES to creating deeper online relationships

Art for Bloom Your Online Relationships Challenge

When I was a baby coach in the mid 1990s, the Internet was new territory. I had lots of time, few clients, and a huge appetite for learning and connection. That led to my first (“Look, Ma! I built it myself!) Web site, developing and leading courses at (one of the first online communities), facilitating AOL interest groups, and writing my ezine, then known as The New Leaf.

When I started the The New Leaf, there were very few non-technology email newsletters in existence. There was *nothing* in the air about list-building. I got subscribers the old-fashioned way, by writing from the heart about things that I cared about and that I thought would serve others.

16 years later the online landscape has changed radically. Hype-filled strategies for building email lists abound. Our inboxes are overflowing with what Andrew J. Lee calls info-crap.

If you’re like me, the constant messages to grow bigger and do more “epic” things rankle. Sure, we all need to think about smart ways to generate new business, but can’t we do it without sacrificing our humanity?

Of course we can.

I know from personal experience that it’s possible to build meaningful business relationships online. That’s why I’ve signed on to help lead a new kind of 30-day challenge: The Bloom Your Online Relationships project produced by my friend and colleague, Tea Silvestre of

Throughout the month of September, I and 29 other gorgeous humans will share our best actionable tips for deepening online relationships.

Participation won’t cost you any money. Instead, you’re invited to invest just a few minutes each day in small steps toward richer, more meaningful interactions with those you’re already connected to online.

You can get all the details and sign up here:

I hope you’ll join in the challenge!


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How to have more good ideas when you need them

Relaxing your mind and engaging with life are the keys to having your next really good idea. 

If you’d like help tuning into the best ideas for your life, career, or business, I’d love to help. I have two openings for coaching in September and October. Click below for more info.

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