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You Write the Rules of the Game of Life

Sometimes we lives as if the rules of the game of life are set outside of us and our fates are determined by those rules. But the reality is that we get to make it up. What rules are ready … Continue reading

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The Anxiety Attack I Forgot to Finish

Like every other experience, anxiety comes to us via thought. And if we don’t make anything of it, it tends to be replaced by other thought. So it is that one day I simply forgot to finish having an anxiety … Continue reading

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Speak to the Wholeness of Your Prospective Clients

It matters a great deal whether you see your clients and prospective clients as needy or whole. When you see and speak to their essential wholeness, you can make offers that are inherently more engaging and attractive. As a coach … Continue reading

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Winning the Monopoly Game of Self-employment

There is a way in which you can count on getting what you need to thrive. When you tune into this, you are not only more resourceful and creative, but you also find it easier to ride the ups and … Continue reading

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Life Is Not a Test

Human beings are learners by nature, and all of life is designed to facilitate our learning. Life is not about passing the test; it’s about embracing the learning that comes naturally. As a coach I help my clients explore the … Continue reading

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