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One Moment of Grace

No matter how dire your situation, you are always only one thought away from a whole new world. The origin of Shaboom and an invitation to apply for individual coaching The name of my company, Shaboom, is taken from a … Continue reading

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How to Create What You Want with the “Law of Contribution”

There’s a lot said about the Law of Attraction. A more fruitful way to think about creating what you want is the “Law of Contribution.” It’s a fundamental orientation based in openness, curiosity, and willingness to serve. The origin of … Continue reading

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Can You Really Trust the Process?

Why and how can you go with the flow, especially when the stakes are high? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life and business has to do with trusting in something infinitely larger and more creative and … Continue reading

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Feelings Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

It’s easy to think that our feelings tell us something about the situations we’re in. We think that when we feel anxious about something in our lives or businesses, it means that it makes us anxious. But feelings don’t come … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Work that Hard to Be Your Best

There’s a way in which we can go through life feeling responsible for sourcing good ideas, generating good behavior, getting and staying on top of things. We feel like we have to be on the job, constantly monitoring ourselves spiritually, … Continue reading

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