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Can Being Spiritual Make You Happy?

Practicing spirituality to attain happiness can’t work. Happiness is in our nature; it’s the ground of our being. We lose sight of that in the midst of our human experience, but it never goes away. Happiness is not something to … Continue reading

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Anxiety Is Always About Ego

When we have anxiety about asking for something–asking a client for a testimonial, asking a prospective client to hire you, or making any other request–we may think we’re anxious because we don’t want to impose, but it’s always because the … Continue reading

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Two Reasons You May Not Be Getting Traction

What’s going on when you can’t get traction with a project that’s important to you? It’s always either something in your environment or what’s going on between your ears. If it’s not the environment, odds are that you’re thinking about … Continue reading

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How to deal with resistance? Stay in the game!

When it comes to dealing with resistance, you could suck it up and power through; you could cave; or you could stay in the game.

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Let’s just say YES to creating deeper online relationships

When I was a baby coach in the mid 1990s, the Internet was new territory. I had lots of time, few clients, and a huge appetite for learning and connection. That led to my first (“Look, Ma! I built it … Continue reading

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