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Do you hear a next level calling?

[This is a guest post by my friend Jeffrey Van Dyk to introduce his new work helping people respond to what he calls their next level callings. Molly] Right now, all around the world, there are people waking up… With … Continue reading

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Why you don’t need to fear scarcity thinking

Not surprisingly, scarcity thinking came up during the Wealth Makeover calls last week. One common concern was how to meet financial setbacks without going into scarcity thinking. During the calls we talked about the essential wholeness and wellbeing that is … Continue reading

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The common cause of romantic mistakes and financial insecurity

We’ve all had friends who repeat romantic mistakes. You may know a dreamy-eyed romantic who confuses surface and substance. Or perhaps your friend is a sad-eyed victim who sees deception and shallowness behind the face of every prospective mate. From … Continue reading

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Opportunity: you can’t miss out unless you lock on

Nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity, whether it is for true love, adventure, new business–whatever. But you actually can’t miss out unless you lock on. Here’s what I mean. We tend to think of opportunities as if they … Continue reading

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What to do when you’re caught up in a scary movie

According to UNESCO, in 2012, 6,385,982,746 around the world went to the movies. That’s over six billion willing participants in agony, ecstasy, and everything in between. Because we know that our wellbeing is not at stake, when we go to … Continue reading

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