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How to promote your work: Stick your head in the sand or dance on the beach?

If you are reading this, you’ve probably thought a fair amount about how to promote your work. My guess is that some of that thinking has been fraught with feelings ranging from queasiness to outright disgust. As if that weren’t … Continue reading

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Money: How to close the conversation gap with authentic pricing

It’s one of those beautiful situations in which you’re in a great conversation about your work. Everything is going so well. Until the talk turns to money. Suddenly you’re out of synch and that wonderful connection you had is broken. … Continue reading

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Authentic Promotion: Insight, lightness, & traction for intentional entrepreneurs

If conventional marketing and sales methods leave you feeling like you need a bath, here’s a free workbook that teaches you the essentials of Authentic Promotion. Get your free copy of the Joyful Connections: 12 Principles of Authentic Promotion workbook by signing up … Continue reading

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How to Get Prospective Clients to Value Your Work When Money Is Tight

Illustration: Why do some businesses survive in tough economic times while others fail? One explanation is that people always necessities, like groceries, but not luxuries, like diamond rings or massage. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Still, if you … Continue reading

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How to get clients? (Show them the moon)

You are intelligent, intentional, and skilled–trust me, you are–yet you may sometimes struggle with how to get clients. As in last week’s post, the key to getting clients lies in a distinction between purpose and destination.

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