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How Big Should a Life Be?

Should it be as big as possible? And big in terms of what? Money? Prestige? Power? I’d like to suggest that bigness is at best a poor measure of the value and import of a life. Rather than size or … Continue reading

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What Are We Trusting When We “Trust the Process”?

I’m writing this post a few hours after being the guest master coach for the Moore Master Coaching program. Coaching in front of an audience is the perfect setup for self-consciousness. Naturally, I think, thoughts arose about how to produce … Continue reading

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Relax! A Better Idea Will Be Along Shortly

What can you do when you’re just plain stuck? When you understand what’s actually going on, the answer is quite simple. The origin of Shaboom and an invitation to apply for individual coaching The name of my company, Shaboom, is … Continue reading

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Can You Really Trust the Process?

Why and how can you go with the flow, especially when the stakes are high? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life and business has to do with trusting in something infinitely larger and more creative and … Continue reading

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How to deal with resistance? Stay in the game!

When it comes to dealing with resistance, you could suck it up and power through; you could cave; or you could stay in the game.

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