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How Do You Know Which Thoughts to Believe?

“The interpretation that makes you ardent and hopeful and active and reverent is the true one.” This quote from Rumi offers guidance for which thoughts to follow and which to discard. Have you suspected or seen through the limitations of … Continue reading

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Traction and the Goal Paradox

There’s a paradox around goal setting that, if you don’t understand it, can keep you from getting traction with the things that matter. Yes, you need to set goals to get traction, but you also need to hold them lightly. … Continue reading

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What The Matrix Can Tell Us About Traction or Why “Just Do It” Doesn’t Do It

I’ve been watching The Ultimate Matrix, a mind-bending 10 DVD package of all three Matrix films plus a week’s worth of special features, including six hours of commentary by philosophers Ken Wilber and Cornell West. Do I know how to … Continue reading

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How do you get off the dang dime?

We’ve all been there, perched on the brink of something new. Full of ideas and inspiration. Eager to make something happen. And yet… Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Or not life exactly, but how we … Continue reading

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Can Being Spiritual Make You Happy?

Practicing spirituality to attain happiness can’t work. Happiness is in our nature; it’s the ground of our being. We lose sight of that in the midst of our human experience, but it never goes away. Happiness is not something to … Continue reading

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