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Why a positive self-image can get in the way

We hear a lot about the importance of having a positive self-image and self-esteem. In reality, any self-image obscures your true nature, which is infinitely more lovely, creative, and compassionate than any persona you might generate. It’s human nature to … Continue reading

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Leave with the One that Brung You – How to Have More Love

Why is it that the bloom so often fades in marriages, friendships, even our relationships with our businesses? Could it be as simple as innocently placing our attention in the wrong place? Have you suspected or seen through the limitations … Continue reading

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Relax! A Better Idea Will Be Along Shortly

What can you do when you’re just plain stuck? When you understand what’s actually going on, the answer is quite simple. The origin of Shaboom and an invitation to apply for individual coaching The name of my company, Shaboom, is … Continue reading

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Frenzied Thinking Is Temporary, When We Allow It to Be

A client recently asked me how to deal with frenzied feelings. Here’s what I wrote to her. Thoughts are just thoughts, no matter what state of mind we are in when we think them. Sometimes we have a tendency to … Continue reading

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When Can You Trust Yourself?

We’ve all had experiences when we thought we were acting wisely, but it turned out that we weren’t. When can we trust ourselves and when not? And how can we know? The origin of Shaboom and an invitation to apply … Continue reading

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