How Are You Being About Choice?

A riff on two quotes:

“Every choice we make has energetic consequences. Choosing matters. Who we choose to hang out with matters, because each encounter shapes us, and shapes our world. How and where we choose to spend our time, energy, resources and attention matters, because these choices shape our becoming, and shape the world in which we live.

“There are no inconsequential choices. The seemingly innocuous choices we make day to day are powerful.

“Receive the gift of choice with a discerning and grateful heart. Honour the choices that present themselves in each moment. Step into your soul’s light, and choose—choose from there.”
~ Hiro Boga

““Good luck and good fortune are about choice, not about control. When we are clear that we are choosing our lives, and when we understand that making choices is not the same as managing the outcome, luck and fortune find us every time.”
~ Molly Gordon

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Clarity Arises in the Present Moment

So often when we struggle to find clarity, we are trying to answer questions that aren’t ready to be answered. In reality, the present moment always contains all the clarity we need. The more we attend to what is clear to us in the moment, however humble and simple that may be, the more we will be able to attend to wisdom as it arises in all things, big and small.

Everything Is Okay Including You Feeling Like You’re Not

There’s a spiritual notion that everything is always okay. “All is well, and all manner of things be well,” in the words of Dame Julian of Norwich. Well, yes, and… there’s a way in which we sometimes twist that into meaning that there is something wrong with us when we don’t feel like things are okay at all. What’s up with that? And how do we find our way out of the snarl?

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