How Do You Make Big Changes in Life and Biz?

Over the past few years there have been big changes in my life and biz. A friend recently asked, for example, if two years ago, when I decided to stop writing a weekly ezine, I knew I was going to be changing the name from Authentic Promotion to Simple Wisdom. He wanted to know how much planning went into my big changes. Here’s my answer: not much. 😉

Life After Goals — Recovering Meaning After the Job Is Done

If you’ve ever experienced the blahs after achieving a major goal this one’s for you.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re peering into the mist, and the longer and harder you look, the less clear things seem to be? The truth is that you do have the answers; but sometimes it takes a listening ear and a few good questions to bring them to the surface. That’s part of what I do with my coaching clients, and if it sounds intriguing to you, click here to learn more.

Traction and the Goal Paradox

There’s a paradox around goal setting that, if you don’t understand it, can keep you from getting traction with the things that matter. Yes, you need to set goals to get traction, but you also need to hold them lightly.

Have you suspected or seen through the limitations of New Age magical thinking, but you still sense that there is magic at work in the world? I coach men and women in the spiritual principles behind the way the mind works in all situations, which gives my clients immense leverage in solving problems and both recognizing and rising to opportunities.
Click here to learn more and schedule a complimentary assessment.

What The Matrix Can Tell Us About Traction or Why “Just Do It” Doesn’t Do It

The Matrix PosterI’ve been watching The Ultimate Matrix, a mind-bending 10 DVD package of all three Matrix films plus a week’s worth of special features, including six hours of commentary by philosophers Ken Wilber and Cornell West.

Do I know how to have fun, or what?

Anyhow, one scene from the first film struck me as particularly pertinent to the problem of getting traction on the things that matter.

After receiving his martial arts training, Neo faces Morpheus for a test of skill. In the midst of the fight, they stop for a second.

Morpheus: What are you waiting for?! You’re faster than this. Don’t think you are. Know you are.

They begin fighting again; Morpheus keeps on trying to get Neo to improve.

Morpheus: Come on! Stop trying to hit me and hit me!

I think one reason we don’t get traction with the things that matter is that we wait to take action until we think we are ready, when the knowledge that we are ready can only emerge out of action.

We become preoccupied with trying to get a result, when results can only be achieved when we stop trying and act in the moment.

“Just Do It!” doesn’t do it when you’re caught up in thinking

The injunction, “Just do it!” won’t move you forward, if you’re caught up in your thinking, hyper-focused on whether or not doing it will turn out the way you want.

In fact, the more pressure you put on yourself to do it, when you’re in a pressured state of mind, the more stuck you’re going to get.

Somehow, you need to get out of your mind and into action.

That’s where a mastermind group can make all the difference.

The Traction Mastermind can get you out of your head and into action

The Traction Mastermind is a 16-week group coaching program for only six men and women who are smarter than the average bear but are stuck (or in danger of getting stuck) with something that matters deeply. They know what they want to create or accomplish, even if the steps are not mapped out yet, and they feel called to take action now.

The Traction Mastermind is designed to:

  • Give you clarity and confidence to create what you’d love to create, not just now, but any time.
  • Take focused action and produce momentum on that project you’ve been spinning your wheels on, so that the more action you take, the easier it gets.
  • Help you take ownership of your greatest gifts and use them more fully in the world.
  • Cultivate compassion with yourself and quiet your inner critic so you can enjoy showing up for your life.
  • Sustain your energy and enthusiasm about your life and the direction it is taking.

And through it all, The Traction Mastermind will help you be fully present, able to experience the joy of each moment, even as you deliberately go about creating your future. (One of my clients calls this “living in the present perfect.”)

The Traction Mastermind begins Wednesday, September 24th

This week you could start getting traction on whatever has had you spinning your wheels. A book. A new career. A community project. It could be something life altering or something that’s may not appear earth shaking but has real importance for you.

Whatever it is, if you want to stop spinning your wheels, I invite you to check out the Traction Mastermind now.

Click here for details and an application.

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing folks get traction on what matters to them. If it’s the right time, I would love to help you do that.

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