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We Make Meaning Moment by Moment

I recently reread Viktor Frankl’s classic Man’s Search for Meaning. I was struck by the difference between getting preoccupied with the idea of a meaningful life and being engaged moment to moment in making life meaningful.

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Making the Bed Won’t Get You Into Heaven

There is no combination of rules that will make you okay. Making your bed every day will not make you okay, not making your bed will not turn you into a slob. Eating right – whatever that means at the … Continue reading

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Guided by the Feeling of Wisdom: Come to the June Wholeness Hangout

I am SO excited about this month’s Wholeness Hangout! My guests are Steve Adair and Tony Fiedler, two Three Principles practitioners from the United Kingdom, who simply radiate love, goodwill, and wisdom. I had the pleasure of meeting and having … Continue reading

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The Value of Honest Doubt

Have you ever run yourself mentally haggard trying to convince yourself to see a spiritual truth more deeply or clearly than you actually do? It’s easy to do. After all, the fundamental principles behind the human experience are quite simple … Continue reading

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You Write the Rules of the Game of Life

Sometimes we lives as if the rules of the game of life are set outside of us and our fates are determined by those rules. But the reality is that we get to make it up. What rules are ready … Continue reading

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