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This Is As Good As It Gets–Why You Don’t Need to Be More in Order to Have a Wonderful Life

Just as the sun is always shining no matter how poorly it may be obscured by the clouds, you are always whole and complete. In a very real sense, this is as good as it gets. Do you sometimes feel … Continue reading

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Life After Goals — Recovering Meaning After the Job Is Done

If you’ve ever experienced the blahs after achieving a major goal this one’s for you. Do you sometimes feel like you’re peering into the mist, and the longer and harder you look, the less clear things seem to be? The … Continue reading

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What Are We Trusting When We “Trust the Process”?

I’m writing this post a few hours after being the guest master coach for the Moore Master Coaching program. Coaching in front of an audience is the perfect setup for self-consciousness. Naturally, I think, thoughts arose about how to produce … Continue reading

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Can Being Spiritual Make You Happy?

Practicing spirituality to attain happiness can’t work. Happiness is in our nature; it’s the ground of our being. We lose sight of that in the midst of our human experience, but it never goes away. Happiness is not something to … Continue reading

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Let’s just say YES to creating deeper online relationships

When I was a baby coach in the mid 1990s, the Internet was new territory. I had lots of time, few clients, and a huge appetite for learning and connection. That led to my first (“Look, Ma! I built it … Continue reading

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