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The Key to Your Personal Decision-Making GPS

Life is complex and can be confusing, and in the midst of it we are faced with countless decisions. Fortunately we have an in-built guidance system, a personal GPS that helps us make good decisions. As a coach I work … Continue reading

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What to Do About Insecure Thinking 

Clients often ask me what to do about insecure thinking. What practices can they undertake to prevent insecurity from arising? How can the control their thought processes? It turns out that the answer is much simpler than prevention or control. … Continue reading

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How Big Should a Life Be?

Should it be as big as possible? And big in terms of what? Money? Prestige? Power? I’d like to suggest that bigness is at best a poor measure of the value and import of a life. Rather than size or … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Need to Manage Your Self-Image

Have you ever felt like the biggest thing standing between you and the way you want your life to be is your self-image? If so, this one’s for you. Do you sometimes feel like you’re peering into the mist, and … Continue reading

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What Are We Trusting When We “Trust the Process”?

I’m writing this post a few hours after being the guest master coach for the Moore Master Coaching program. Coaching in front of an audience is the perfect setup for self-consciousness. Naturally, I think, thoughts arose about how to produce … Continue reading

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