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How to Deal with Resistance–Set It Aside

How do you deal with resistance? You could analyze it, process it, search for the meaning behind it–or you could simply set it aside. Resistance takes care of itself when we shift our attention away from it. The key? Shift … Continue reading

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How to Stop Negative Thinking

What if the secret to controlling or stopping negative thinking is as simple as stopping? We don’t get to choose which thoughts come across our mental landscape, but we absolutely get to decide how much significance to accord them. When … Continue reading

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Look to the Unknown for Solutions

As Einstein famously said, we can’t find solutions from within the same frame of reference or level of consciousness in which our problems were created. In a very real sense, if we want to find solutions, we need to stop … Continue reading

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Six No-cost Ways to Fall In Love with Your Business Starting Now from My Library to Yours

When I stopped writing my weekly ezine after 16 years, I promised that I would look for other no-cost ways for you to be happier and more successful at self-employment. So I said to myself, “Self, what do you have … Continue reading

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What’s your business vision? A message for the superhero in your biz

You may not always feel this way, but you are the superhero your business is looking for. Really. There is a superpower at the core of what you set out to do when you decided to work for yourself. When … Continue reading

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