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Can the Three Principles prevent suicide or suffering?

I’ve been a spiritual seeker for almost as long as I can remember. As a child I longed to please God. I prayed for visions of the Virgin Mary. I aspired to sainthood. Now at 61 my understanding is substantially different, … Continue reading

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Inner Guidance Is Common Sense

Sometimes the hard part of discerning inner guidance is thinking it’s going to be dramatic or big. In fact, common sense is wisdom perfectly calibrated to a specific moment in time. Don’t confuse this inner guidance in the moment with … Continue reading

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Wellbeing Is Our True Nature

Wholeness is our nature, our default condition. When we remember that we are essentially whole we attach less significance to the ups and downs of our moment-to-moment human experience. We don’t have to get out of the human experience in … Continue reading

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Look beyond personal mind for answers to the hard questions

[This piece is from an email to the folks in the Enlightened Business Intensive. It addresses the question of how to know what to do when there are a kazillion places to start, and you are running around in circles.] … Continue reading

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Six No-cost Ways to Fall In Love with Your Business Starting Now from My Library to Yours

When I stopped writing my weekly ezine after 16 years, I promised that I would look for other no-cost ways for you to be happier and more successful at self-employment. So I said to myself, “Self, what do you have … Continue reading

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