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Why Analytical Thinking Gets Us Into Trouble

There’s a big difference between the analytical thinking we do with our personal minds and accessing wisdom. In a prep call for the July 2015 Wholeness Hangout, Judy Sedgeman made a cogent observation about the relationship between insecurity and analytical … Continue reading

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We Make Meaning Moment by Moment

I recently reread Viktor Frankl’s classic Man’s Search for Meaning. I was struck by the difference between getting preoccupied with the idea of a meaningful life and being engaged moment to moment in making life meaningful.

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The Paradox of Getting It Right: Decision-making Revisited

What does it mean to get decisions right? What is our responsibility when it comes to making the best decisions we can? And who’s in charge anyway? A meditation on our shared human dilemma and a tiny perspective on choosing … Continue reading

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Guided by the Feeling of Wisdom: Come to the June Wholeness Hangout

I am SO excited about this month’s Wholeness Hangout! My guests are Steve Adair and Tony Fiedler, two Three Principles practitioners from the United Kingdom, who simply radiate love, goodwill, and wisdom. I had the pleasure of meeting and having … Continue reading

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The Value of Honest Doubt

Have you ever run yourself mentally haggard trying to convince yourself to see a spiritual truth more deeply or clearly than you actually do? It’s easy to do. After all, the fundamental principles behind the human experience are quite simple … Continue reading

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