Sometimes you need a compassionate provocateur…

There are times in life when the status quo, however successful you have been in the past, just doesn’t cut it. When you want a partner who will challenge and support you to stretch beyond your current way of seeing and being in the world. A coach who will partner with you to create an even more amazing life.

The most leveraged way to experience a more amazing life is to understand the fundamental principles behind the human experience. Rather than learning yet another set of tools and techniques, my clients come to understand the principles behind the way the mind works in all situations. And that understanding gives them immense leverage in solving any problem or taking advantage of any opportunity.

This understanding enables my clients to:
▪   Immediately differentiate wisdom and insight from reactivity and impulsiveness.
▪   Reliably access creative intelligence and vision.
▪   Consistently experience innate wellbeing and resilience.
▪   Worry less and accomplish more.
▪   Be a force for good.
▪   Consistently experience greater freedom and happiness.

As a result, they can:
▪   Be wise, confident leaders.
▪   Make better decisions with less effort.
▪   Enjoy healthier, richer relationships.
▪   Resolve conflict gracefully.
▪   Communicate more clearly and effectively.
▪   Simply enjoy the grand project of living life.

As your coach, I will help you build on what you’ve achieved so far to create even more compelling, engaging, and meaningful outcomes.

When is coaching the best next step?

  • You’re at an inflection point, a time when old ways of being no longer fit and new ways aren’t yet in place—maybe not even in sight.
  • You’re contemplating a big change on the inside, the outside, or both.
  • You know it’s time to move, but how? And where exactly?
  • You’re hungry for insight and greater awareness, and you want a coach who is spiritually attuned, psychologically sharp, honest and funny.
  • Things are going well, and you want to use that as a jumping off point for creating more meaning, more impact, a bigger  contribution.

Some things you may be working on…

  • Taking your business to a new level.
  • A career change.
  • Navigating the waters of a major transition such as mid-life, divorce, or retirement.
  • Launching a new venture.

Clients who get the most out of working with me…

  • Have a high degree of self-awareness.
  • Value knowledge over information and wisdom over knowledge.
  • Are smarter than the average bear and want a coach who can keep up with and even surprise them.
  • Are beyond the survival level and able to focus on creating something new.

Duanna Pang Dokland Three Principles Coaching Client“Molly’s gift is her authentic presence and ability to point me to a more expansive perspective. This process has helped ground me in the bigger picture—the why’s of my leadership coaching business. Molly reminds me to lean into my inner wisdom and well-being and live my business from that saner, kinder place. From here, I have the clarity to redefine what success means to me, and the courage to take the path less travelled. Thank you, Molly.”

Duanna Pang-Dokland

What would coaching look like?

We begin with a series of six closely spaced sessions in person, by phone, or via Skype (up to two a day during the first week) to give you a solid grounding in the principles behind the human experience. Then, we meet weekly for 10 weeks as you uncover and apply the implications of your new understanding for your daily challenges and opportunities.

The fee for the initial coaching engagement is $5,000.

To schedule a preliminary interview, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

From Matt Kelly, State Farm Insurance

Photo of small business coaching client Matt Kelly1. What obstacles would have prevented you from investing in coaching?

Skepticism about the results and concern about the cost.

2. What are your thoughts about those obstacles now?

In my case, the results were well worth the investment.

3. What specifically did you gain from coaching?

One of the key measures of my insurance agency is new policies & accounts, which are up 44% over the same time period last year.  That additional revenue will pay for my coaching investment within 6 months or less.  And considering clients typically stay with me 9+ years, it will have a tremendously positive ROI.

4. Three other benefits of coaching.

  • I rediscovered what I like best about my work, and do more of it.
  • I let a team member go who’d been a negative influence, and added a team member who’s a dynamo.
  • I reorganized my team’s duties to make us way more productive.

5. Would you recommend coaching with me, and why?
Yes I would, to anyone who wants to grow, is open to investing in their growth, and willing to work at changing for the better.  I’d recommend you because you helped me make changes I’d wanted but had been unable to make on my own… and grow my income too.

julia bushue three principles coaching testimonialI used to spend a lot more time and effort trying to dissolve or change my anxiety and stressful thoughts. I had trouble trusting my instincts and spent a lot of time worrying about whether I was making the best use of my time/effort.

The biggest thing for me was realizing how much of my time and effort I spend trying to control my experience. Once I understood—really understood, not just “got” on an intellectual level—that I didn’t need to fear uncomfortable experiences like shame, regret, or anxiety, I got to free up all the energy I’d been using to avoid them.

It’s easier for me to step back and not act on the urgent compulsions to fix them as quickly as possible. By giving myself permission to wait until my thinking is clearer, I’m more confident in my decisions and more creative in my problem-solving.

I feel more creative and self-aware. Probably the biggest thing for me was being able to notice when I was going into an anxious downward spiral and take a mental step back. Before, I would try a lot of things to try to “fix” my anxiety, which would just make me more anxious when they didn’t work…now I know the more I try to control my emotions, the longer it takes for me to get back to equilibrium.

Julia Bushue

Marie Tiger Three Principles Coaching TestimonialWhen we began working together I was alternating between pushing myself and dropping everything. Now I am finding new gears in my work. It sometimes surprises me how much things move forward when I rely on trusting my inner wisdom, instead of running after what I believe to be important.

I have also had deep insights into how I can find my way back to trust in a tangible way, which is important for me so I can work effectively with my business. [I'm experiencing] increased trust, more clarity, increase in productivity, more enjoyment of everyday and a happy surprise, a much closer relationship to my husband.  I am much more in touch with what matters most to me.

[I recommend coaching with Molly to] anyone who is ready to take 100% responsibility for what is happening inside of them and wants to increase experiences of peace, harmony, love & enjoyment of living.

Marie D. Tiger – Color Is Action,

Sue Kearney Three Principles Coaching TestimonialSince we started working together, I’ve had some much needed opening and letting go of stories I tell myself that are 100% not my friends. One opening that has really lingered in a loving and helpful way is centered on allowing myself to love and nurture myself as I am. When I can stop judging what is, I can be that much more fully present to the good.

I’ve taken some more risks with people in my life as well; I feel more opening and willingness to show up and lightly expose my tender heart. And today, inspired by a mentor, I wrote five letters of gratitude to people in my life, including two from whom I’m estranged!! Chutzpah in the house…and I feel this is also coming from this light and lovely opening I’m experiencing from our talks.

Sue Kearney,

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