What do you know or imagine that you’d love to embody more fully?

As a coach I work with clients to connect with their inner guidance systems and translate that into vibrant choices. I often work with men and women who are impatient with magical thinking, yet sense that there is magic at work in the world. My work honors enduring spiritual and psychological principles rather than the tool or technique of the month, which gives my clients immense leverage in meeting life’s challenges and responding to opportunities.

More than anything else, this work unleashes joy, ease, and possibility.

The best way to decide if we are a good fit is to talk. One way to decide if you want to take that step, is to check out my blog, which these days is more of a vlog. If you resonate with what you see, use the form at the bottom of this page to request a no cost, no obligation exploratory session.

What would coaching look like?

I work with each client to design a coaching or mentor coaching engagement that fits their vision and needs. Some of those designs have included:

  • Three day virtual or in-person intensives during which we take a deep dive into the human operating system, settling into a creative, resilient, and confident space from which clients are able to tackle whatever life may be offering them in the way of challenges and opportunities.
  • Regularly scheduled sessions of 30 to 60 minutes once, twice, or three times a month to deepen understanding of how life works and address issues as they arise.
  • One-off coaching sessions on an ad hoc basis.

A word about diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values in my life and work. I acknowledge and embrace all types of diversity including ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, and abilities.

In both individual and group work, I honor the strength, creativity and power that come from experiencing different viewpoints, backgrounds, and cultures. I welcome the opportunity to grow in understanding and awareness.

I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before.

“I engaged Molly’s coaching because my life was “good,” but not great. I could tell there was a creative energy inside of me that was trying to emerge, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Throughout my time with Molly, she helped me tune in (with great precision) to my deep inner wisdom and helped me cut through my mind chatter and ultimately led me to a place of amazing clarity and creativity. During my time with working with Molly I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before. I gave “birth” to my first published book, redesigned my offerings for clients, and improved my bottom line. The best part of working with Molly was that it all felt relatively effortless and may I even say…fun!”

Sara Harvey Yao

President, Yao Consulting Group


It thrills me to witness the flowering of insight, wellbeing, and contribution among my clients, and my commitment to that is greater than my concern about compensation. In the past my rates have ranged from $150-$450 per hour. I now work on a gift basis, offering my work freely as a contribution to our shared wellbeing in the world. I ask that each client evaluate for themselves the value received and then determine a way to pay that value forward into the web of connection. That may take the form of monetary compensation to me, which is always appreciated, and it may take other forms as well. Click here to learn more about this approach to working in a gift ecology.

The first step…

…is to make a date for us to talk about what you are facing and what you want. If we decide we want to work together, we will design the coaching engagement that best fits your needs, including your finances.

I had been following Molly’s blogs and newsletters for some time and always saw such powerful and unique wisdom in her words, her ideas, and her overall presence. It wasn’t until I joined one of her groups (The Art of Living) in 2016 that I really got to experience Molly’s wisdom in a much deeper, and meaningful way. 

I was exploring some changes and challenges in my own work life and found the insights I gained from Molly not only useful for my own professional navigation but crucial for every day, every moment of life.

I’m a raving fan – Molly is unique, brilliant, and compassionate and very, very real. Her style is gentle, open and honest. She may appear loose at times yet in all this she packs an enormous amount of punch in how her wisdom, life and coaching mastery open up possibilities for profound learning, insights and even transformation.

I took away a ton from Molly’s program and am still living it every day. It’s easy to get caught up in our dramas, our self judgment and our worries  – but Molly’s sharing of her own insights and personal experiences with the Three Principles offers a new way of living through those times of challenge.

She doesn’t offer silver bullets, nor quick fix-it solutions. Instead, she offers a new lens to view, learn, and live each moment at a time.

I’m grateful for Molly and know anyone who spends time with her will feel the same.

Eileen Chadnick

Coach, author, Big Cheese Coaching

Back on purpose, feeling fully alive.

“Molly is an extremely gifted, unpretentious, caring coach, and, as you might imagine, awesome human being. She has acquired the currently rare skill of being fully present to hold the space for others’ transformation. Molly’s intuitive and perceptive expertise was key in supporting my transformation, or as I like to call it, my crisis of passion. “She really listened, saw me, and provided just the right guidance needed in the moment. Having it mirrored back to me almost like a magnet was very powerful. I’d be out of sorts when our session began, and, by the end, I’d be back on purpose, feeling fully alive. It was like I came back to my zone where everything flows. The way in which she guided me to consider other ways of thinking about a situation that I thought I had completely figured out made all the difference in shifting old patterns to manifest my best self. Her guidance helped me to keep on that path so that I didn’t bite the hook into fear-based thinking. “I’m so grateful and appreciative of what she has done for me. I highly recommend her.”

Megan Gaiser

Creative Direction, Leadership, Brand & Strategy, Inspired Results

“When we began working together I was alternating between pushing myself and dropping everything. Now I am finding new gears in my work. It sometimes surprises me how much things move forward when I rely on trusting my inner wisdom, instead of running after what I believe to be important. “I have also had deep insights into how I can find my way back to trust in a tangible way, which is important for me so I can work effectively with my business. [I’m experiencing] increased trust, more clarity, increase in productivity, more enjoyment of everyday and a happy surprise, a much closer relationship to my husband. I am much more in touch with what matters most to me. “I recommend coaching with Molly to anyone who is ready to take 100% responsibility for what is happening inside of them and wants to increase experiences of peace, harmony, love and enjoyment of living.”

Marie D. Tiger

Color Is Action

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