Does it sometimes feel like what you seek recedes into the mist whenever you get close?

Do you sense that so much more is possible than what you can see in the moment, but the longer and harder you look, the less clear things seem to be?

The truth is that you do have the answers; but sometimes it takes a listening ear and a few good questions to clear the mist and see what lies ahead. This is part of what I do with my coaching clients. As a coach I challenge and support them to tune into their inner guidance systems and translate that into effective action.

I work with men and women who have suspected or seen through the limitations of New Age magical thinking, but still sense that there is magic at work in the world. I show them the spiritual principles behind the way the mind works in all situations, which gives them immense leverage in solving any problem or taking advantage of any opportunity.

This understanding enables my clients to:

  • Reliably access and trust their creative intelligence and vision.
  • Take bold action in service of their dreams.
  • Immediately differentiate wisdom and insight from reactivity and impulsiveness.
  • Be a force for good.
  • Consistently experience their innate wholeness and wellbeing no matter what their circumstances.

As a result, they can:

  • Make better decisions with less effort.
  • Enjoy healthier, richer relationships.
  • Resolve conflict gracefully.
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively.
  • Simply enjoy the grand project of living life.

When is coaching the best next step?

  • You’ve got a vision, but fear may be getting in the way of bringing it into reality.
  • You’ve done a lot of work on yourself, but somehow you still get in your own way. You’re so ready to get past that.
  • Things are going well, and you want to use that as a jumping off point for creating more meaning, more impact, more joy.

Some things you may be working on…

  • Starting or expanding a business.
  • A career change.
  • Navigating the waters of a major transition such as mid-life, divorce, or retirement.
  • Launching a new venture.

Clients who get the most out of working with me…

  • Are smarter than the average bear and want a coach who can keep up with (and even surprise them).
  • Are ready for things to be easier.
  • Are beyond the survival level and able to focus on creating something new.

I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before.

Sara Harvey Yao"I engaged Molly’s coaching because my life was “good," but not great. I could tell there was a creative energy inside of me that was trying to emerge, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Throughout my time with Molly, she helped me tune in (with great precision) to my deep inner wisdom and helped me cut through my mind chatter and ultimately led me to a place of amazing clarity and creativity. During my time with working with Molly I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before. I gave “birth” to my first published book, redesigned my offerings for clients, and improved my bottom line. The best part of working with Molly was that it all felt relatively effortless and may I even!”

~ Sara Harvey Yao, President of Yao Consulting Group,

What would coaching look like?

We begin with a series of six closely spaced sessions in person, by phone, or via Skype  to lay the foundation for what you want to achieve. Then we meet two to three times a month for six months to expand your capacity for ease and effectiveness as you encounter day-to-day challenges and opportunities. The frequency and length of sessions is based on your individual needs.

The fee for the initial coaching engagement is $5,000. Ongoing coaching packages are designed to fit individual needs.

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Matt Kelly small business coaching clientWhat obstacles could have prevented you from investing in coaching?
"Skepticism about the results and concern about the cost."

What are your thoughts about those obstacles now?
"In my case, the results were well worth the investment."

What specifically did you gain from coaching?
"One of the key measures of my insurance agency is new policies and accounts, which are up 44% over the same time period last year. That additional revenue will pay for my coaching investment within 6 months or less. And considering clients typically stay with me 9+ years, it will have a tremendously positive ROI."

What are some other benefits of you've seen from our work?

  • "I rediscovered what I like best about my work, and do more of it.

  • "I let a team member go who’d been a negative influence, and added a team member who’s a dynamo.

  • "I reorganized my team’s duties to make us way more productive."
Would you recommend coaching with me, and why?
"Yes I would, to anyone who wants to grow, is open to investing in their growth, and willing to work at changing for the better. I’d recommend you because you helped me make changes I’d wanted but had been unable to make on my own and grow my income too."

~ Matt Kelly, State Farm Insurance
julia bushue three principles coaching testimonial
"I used to spend a lot more time and effort trying to dissolve or change my anxiety and stressful thoughts. I had trouble trusting my instincts and spent a lot of time worrying about whether I was making the best use of my time/effort.

"The biggest thing for me was realizing how much of my time and effort I spend trying to control my experience. Once I understood—really understood, not just "got" on an intellectual level—that I didn't need to fear uncomfortable experiences like shame, regret, or anxiety, I got to free up all the energy I'd been using to avoid them.

"It's easier for me to step back and not act on the urgent compulsions to fix them as quickly as possible. By giving myself permission to wait until my thinking is clearer, I'm more confident in my decisions and more creative in my problem-solving.

"I feel more creative and self-aware. Probably the biggest thing for me was being able to notice when I was going into an anxious downward spiral and take a mental step back. Before, I would try a lot of things to try to "fix" my anxiety, which would just make me more anxious when they didn't I know the more I try to control my emotions, the longer it takes for me to get back to equilibrium."

~ Julia Bushue
Marie D. Tiger "When we began working together I was alternating between pushing myself and dropping everything. Now I am finding new gears in my work. It sometimes surprises me how much things move forward when I rely on trusting my inner wisdom, instead of running after what I believe to be important.

"I have also had deep insights into how I can find my way back to trust in a tangible way, which is important for me so I can work effectively with my business. [I'm experiencing] increased trust, more clarity, increase in productivity, more enjoyment of everyday and a happy surprise, a much closer relationship to my husband. I am much more in touch with what matters most to me.

"[I recommend coaching with Molly to] anyone who is ready to take 100% responsibility for what is happening inside of them and wants to increase experiences of peace, harmony, love and enjoyment of living."

~ Marie D. Tiger, Color Is Action,

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