Polish your coaching skills, meet requirements for an ICF credential, and experience yourself as a more artful, engaged, and effective coach

Mentor coaching provides expert challenge and support to help coaches at all levels reach their next stage of mastery. It includes observation of mentees’ coaching, verbal and written feedback specifically keyed to ICF Core Coaching Competencies,  and rich coaching conversations to reveal the strengths of the mentees as well as opportunities for growth.

Mentoring is for you if you want to:

  • Consolidate what you’ve learned in coach training.
  • Map and adapt other professional experience to coaching-specific standards and competencies.
  • Renew and revitalize your work and increase your coaching artistry.
  • Prepare for International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing exams.
  • Accrue the mentoring hours required with each ICF credential application.

Yes, working with a mentor coach is a pre-requisite for applying for all levels of International Coach Federation (ICF) credential. But mentoring is about so much more than getting a few letters after your name. It is about bringing a new vibrancy to your coaching. It’s about coaching with greater boldness and subtlety. And it’s about keeping your passion for our profession alive and embodying the power of coaching to transform lives.

Expect breakthroughs

Mentor coaching is for coaches who already know the basics but want to coach at a more masterful level. Together we take a deep dive into the core coaching competencies that distinguish professional coaching from other kinds of developmental work and that give coaching the leverage it has to change lives. As a result, you can expect breakthroughs such as:

  • Clarity about how each ICF Core Coaching Competency contributes to a powerful coaching engagement.
  • Increased confidence in your ability to co-create significant shifts for your clients.
  • Greater ease of self-reflection and comfort receiving coaching feedback.
  • Fresh ways of being with clients that are the delight of the masterful coach.
  • Keen appreciation for your unique coaching style.

As words on a page, the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies can seem abstract or vague. But a marvelous thing happens when you experience inspired mentor coaching: the competencies come to life.

As your mentor coach, I will help you see precisely how each of the Core Coaching Competencies contributes to coaching excellence. You will experience a new appreciation for your current strengths while uncovering hidden potential for greater effectiveness and artistry. You’ll enjoy a new level of confidence, and your clients will get even better results.


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My watershed moment

Six years into a successful coaching practice, I hit a plateau. Coaching was loosing its juiciness. In spite of having a successful practice, I began to wonder if coaching was still the right profession for me.

Then something happened that changed the whole game. I became an assessor for the ICF credentialing process. Each exam assessment involved a deep dive into the competencies and a dialogue with another Master Certified Coach to reach consensus about the final score. This immersion in the competencies opened my eyes to how the competencies support infinite potential for artistry and coaching excellence.

I now see an ongoing relationship with a mentor coach as an essential part of my coaching journey. For me it’s not about obtaining a credential or reassurance about my ability. For me, mentor coaching is about commitment to and delight in the never ending path of coaching mastery.

What qualifies me as a mentor coach?

I’ve been a coach in private practice since 1996. I graduated from both The Academy for Coach Training (now inviteCHANGE) Certified Professional Coach program and The Newfield Network’s Graduate Coaching program. Over the years I have completed numerous additional trainings totaling more than 400 hours.

I have been an ICF Master Certified Coach since 2002. Since then I have been an assessor for the ICF’s credentialing program. I am a past member of the ICF credentialing committee and was responsible for training assessors for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) exams. I am a graduate of the inviteCHANGE Mentor Coach Certification Program, which is based on the most current International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and practices for credentialing. 

I am also experienced in developing coaches. I’ve presented at numerous International Coach Federation (ICF) international and regional conferences. I co-created The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) for Coaches with David Emerald and Bert Parlee, Ph.D. I’m currently an instructor in the University of Miami Coaching Certificate Program.

On a more personal note….

I love coaching. I love how it meets clients where they are and enables them to grow, even transform, beyond what they thought possible. I love co-creating opportunities for insight and artistry and that the path to true mastery is never ending.

Coaching mastery is holographic

Coaching is holographic. When we skillfully facilitate clients in accessing and expressing their highest potential, we activate and refine our own potential. The more artfully we coach, the more artfully we live. In this sense, mentor coaching is not only about professional development, it is an investment in the entirety of your human potential.

Here’s what Laura DeHaven, ACC, has to say about mentor coaching with me.

What were your concerns or reservations before joining the group?

I wondered: How valuable would the program be in deepening and honing my coaching skills. Whether I’d receive enough individual attention. Whether the small size of the group would somehow limit learning opportunities.

How have those changed?

The coaching and feedback have been invaluable. Molly has provided much individual attention and she has been very generous with her knowledge and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a mentor coach, and have experienced this mentoring program as powerful for my coaching and my personal growth.

What, specifically, have you gained as a result of the group?

Increased confidence in and renewed enjoyment for coaching. Deepening awareness of and facility with th
e ICF Core Competencies. Opportunity to explore the subtleties of the competencies guided by a skilled mentor. Consistent practice coaching. A place to experiment safely with new approaches and to be reminded of why the basics are so important.

I feel well set up to apply for my ICF ACC Renewal. My coaching feels way more effective even as I feel more relaxed and present doing it.

It’s been fun!

What specific feature did you like best?

I appreciate that Molly provided a combination of group and individual mentoring in the package. It has been a tremendous value and an easy solution to the requirements to have both. I also like that the group size was quite small; it lent itself to lots of coaching time and direct feedback as well as plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

To whom would you recommend mentor coaching with me?

Any ACC or PCC level coach seeking to renew a certification. I’d also recommend mentor coaching with you for beginning level coaches working towards certification.

Laura DeHaven

One-on-one Mentor Coaching

Individual mentor coaching sessions may include listening to a recording of one of your coaching sessions (or having you coach me) and giving you specific feedback keyed to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies. Some sessions include a written assessment using the same criteria as are used by ICF assessors when evaluating applicants. Ad hoc sessions are designed based on your needs and aspirations and may or may not include listening to a recorded session.

Option 1: 10 individual sessions spaced over three to eight months

This package fully satisfies the International Coach Federation (ICF) mentor coaching requirement for all levels of credential. I will listen to and evaluate 10 coaching sessions, provide 10 30-minute verbal feedback coaching sessions, and extensive written feedback on three of the 10 sessions. Includes a separate 30-minute foundation session to begin co-creating our relationship and establish your overarching goals and intentions. Sessions will take place by Skype or telephone and will be recorded. I request $2,000.00 for this package. Sign up now

Option 2: Three individual sessions spaced over two to six months

This package can be used to supplement group mentor coaching or in combination with mentoring by other mentor coaches. I will listen to and evaluate three coaching sessions, provide three 30-minute verbal feedback coaching sessions, and extensive written feedback on all three sessions. Includes a separate 30-minute foundation session to begin co-creating our relationship and establish your overarching goals and intentions. Sessions will take place by Skype or telephone and will be recorded. For three individual sessions, I request $900.00 Sign up now

Option 3: Ad hoc mentoring consultations

Sometimes you simply want to consult with another coach. You may be experiencing a pattern on stuckness, have questions about particular client situations and challenges, or simply feel a calling to greater skill and artistry. Ad hoc sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations.  Use the form below to request a no-obligation exploratory conversation.

Group Mentor Coaching

Small group mentor coachingGroup mentor coaching provides an opportunity to learn from witnessing the coaching and mentoring of others in the group. Participants take turns coaching each other or submitting a recorded coaching session. This package includes seven 90-minute group sessions plus three individual mentor coaching sessions to fully satisfy the International Coach Federation (ICF) requirements for all levels of credential.

Groups meet by videoconference using the Zoom platform and have a minimum of two and a maximum of six participants. I like to receive $1,600-$2,000 per person depending on the number of participants. Scheduling is based on the needs of the participants. Typically, the seven group calls take place within a span of seven to fourteen weeks.

Mentor Coaching Group Forming Now!

A new mentor coaching group is forming now. There will be seven 90-minute group sessions. I’ll poll participants to find the best day/time for the sessions. Each participant will also have three individual mentoring sessions to be scheduled independently. The fee is $1600. Email me using the contact form at the bottom of this page to express interest and schedule an exploratory conversation. 

Where will you set the bar for your own coaching mastery?

I would love to support you on your own path to mastery. If you have questions about mentor coaching or would like to schedule an exploratory conversation (at no charge) you can use the form below to send them to me. I’ll get back to you promptly.

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