Pay It Backward/Pay It Forward

It thrills me to share the gifts I have been given. I see my work as a contribution to the web of life that supports all of us so richly. I ask that you reflect on the value you have received through our work and allow yourself to savor and acknowledge that value without being distracted or concerned about money. After you have a feeling for the value received, I invite you to wonder about how you might return that value in any number of forms either by paying it back to me or paying it forward into the world using any form of currency, not only money.

The video below, Unlocking Multiple Forms of Wealth, may help you think more creatively and broadly about the forms of currency you have available. If you choose to pay it forward, I would appreciate your letting me know in a brief email just so I can participate in the joy of your giving. If you choose to pay it back, I will welcome your gift in whatever form it may take. If you choose to use money, you can send it by clicking on the GIVE button below (which will take you to PayPal, or you can send a check to Molly Gordon at PO Box 195, Suquamish, WA, 98392, USA. Whatever form you choose, please know that I appreciate you.






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