Everything you always wanted to know about how to make a profit but were afraid to ask

Okay, I won’t be able to cover absolutely everything there is to know, but I promise that this free series of videos and the “open kimono” webinar will give you a solid handle on what it takes to make a profit doing work you love.

Here’s a glimpse of what this series will teach you


November 26: (video, audio, pdf) What business are you (really) in? 

  • What is the core purpose of your business? (it’s not what you think)
  • How to express your core values through your business
  • How to align your talent and skill with your purpose
  • Why profit and purpose need each other

November 27: (video, audio, pdf) How to reach your just-right clients (The Power of One) 

  • How to get inside the mind and heart of your just-right client
  • How focusing on one specific person makes your marketing and sales more interesting to everyone
  • What makes your just-right client unique? (Don’t assume you know!)
  • How to use language that speaks directly to your just-right client

November 28: (video, audio, pdf) How to create multiple income streams that attract just-right clients

  • The steppingstone principle: guiding clients from beginner to mastery
  • How to offer choice without overwhelm
  • How to simplify your offers (without dumbing them down)

November 29: (video, audio, pdf) Secrets of the half-page marketing plan

  • How to create a plan that is fulfills your purpose and creates profit
  • How to use the half-page plan to make the right marketing decisions (and simplify your life)
  • How to end second guessing and procrastination when it comes to marketing

November 30: (video, audio, pdf) How to turn resistance into an ally

  • Why resistance is the key to growing your business (really!)
  • When to listen from resistance (and when to ignore it)
  • How to turn resistance into creative energy (and profitability)

December 4, Open Kimono Webinar: The top five mistakes I’ve made in business and how I corrected them to make a profit

“Open kimono” is a term used in business to indicate utter transparency, and that’s what you can expect from me in this 90-minute webinar. I’ll share from the heart, mind, and gut what has gone wrong and what has gone right in my business. You’ll hear all about the top five mistakes I’ve made in 20 years of self-employment and how to avoid or correct them so you can make a profit at the work you love.

Listen, if I can make a profit doing work I love, so can you. I hope you’ll join me for this series. Sign up below.

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  2. Richard says:

    Hi, please sign me up for your video series and webinar. Sounds interesting! Thank you.

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