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Step 1: Joyful Connections – Free Guide

Joyful Connections: 12 Principles of Authentic Promotion
If you haven’t already, get the free guide, Joyful Connections: 12 Principles of Authentic Authentic Promotion. You’ll also receive the Authentic Promotion newsletter. It’s full of inspiration, practical tips, and the occasional kick in the metaphysical pants so you can thrive and be the change you want to see in the world. Subscribe on the right side of this page to get your free guide.



“Molly, thank you for all the wonderful breaks I can take from running my own business when I read your Authentic Promotion ezine, so full of great pragmatic advice and thoughts – just what I need and so uplifting!”

~ Jackie Tod, Partner RT&A, The Amrop Hever Group – Paris

Step 2: The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur

You love what you do, but you may not have quite understood that working for yourself means being an entrepreneur. And if being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t match your self-image, it’s very, very hard to create prosperity doing the work you love.

The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur teaches you three simple instructions that, taken together, will help you get clear, get clients, and get paid—all while honoring your personal style and values.
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“I was looking for something completely different, something that addressed how I could be integrally *me* and be successful in business, rather than continuing to fail at stuffing myself into a conventional business suit mold.

“I wholeheartedly recommend The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur to anyone who has any stressful thoughts around business: Whether you’re an employee, an owner, or a prospective business owner, doing the work in this book will assist in myriad ways, reclaiming energy from stress, regaining focus on your own values, and opening a clarity of personal vision to do the next thing with calm smiling confidence.”

~ Ross W. Murker, Bremerton, WA, USA,

Step 3: Home Study and Live Programs

Are you looking for something you can download and work on at your own pace? Our home study programs may fit you just right.
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When you’re wanting the support of a teacher or coach and a learning community, choose from one of my live teleconferences, webinars, or video series.

Not sure what to do next?

There are plenty of things you could be doing to become profitable, but what should you do first? I know it can be hard to tell what product or program will best fit your needs. If you’d like to have a thoughtful, no-pressure or obligation conversation about what might serve you best, please email me directly by clicking here.

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