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How to Make Difficult Business Decisions Easily

Find out how to make difficult decisions–such as those about setting prices or deciding what products and services to offer–with ease and grace. As a coach I help my clients explore the immense practicality of joy. I point them to … Continue reading

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How to do way less, enjoy more, and get better results

  Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pareto principle, the idea that 80% of desired results comes from 20% of your efforts. Imagine how different life could be if you knew reliably which 20% of what you’re up to is contributing … Continue reading

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How Big Should a Life Be?

Should it be as big as possible? And big in terms of what? Money? Prestige? Power? I’d like to suggest that bigness is at best a poor measure of the value and import of a life. Rather than size or … Continue reading

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The startling practicality of happiness

Woohoo! The first in a series of free Happiness Hangouts happens this Friday, August 8, at 9:00am Pacific Daylight Time and YOU are invited. Why? Because it happens that happiness doesn’t just feel good; it’s startlingly practical. As the name … Continue reading

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End of an era: Goodbye ezine, hello cool stuff!

As best I can tell, this is the last regular issue of Authentic Promotion. Can you say, “Yowza!”? It all started at the end of March during a retreat with my beloved Brain Trust*. As we talked about who I … Continue reading

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