Why Analytical Thinking Gets Us Into Trouble

There’s a big difference between the analytical thinking we do with our personal minds and accessing wisdom. In a prep call for the July 2015 Wholeness Hangout, Judy Sedgeman made a cogent observation about the relationship between insecurity and analytical thinking that shed, for me, new light on its limitations.

Click here to watch the video of my conversation with Judith in which we talk about world peace (yes!), innate health, and the Three Principles.


  1. Aamer Iqbal

    What a great insight Molly! This is similar to what Michael Neill talks about in Inside Out Revolution.

  2. Claudia

    Thanks Molly. What I get out of your video is just live life and show up for your human experiences. They are like clouds anyway. They come and go, wether I analyze and “comprehend” them or not.

    Ah, and can I take the opportunity to say that I love your new hairstyle..? I really do!

  3. Carolyn Ringo

    Thank you Molly. I do this too often; get an insight and then try to apply it to an emotional challenge or spiritual crisis. Think my way through it! I know better, yet it is such an ingrained way of being. Seems like as I get older I’m more about allowing the knowledge to become embodied wisdom, and that takes not analyzing anything past the point of direct experience! Great reminder, and clearly stated.


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