You can settle down even when time is short

I received this comment on YouTube In response to last week’s video, Settling Down Comes Naturally.

This feels so true, Molly. It’s so hard to do when  you have important decisions to make with a time limit, when you feel your options are limited and you’re not liking any of them. Wish there was a button I could press to settle myself down!

This week’s video acknowledges how it can feel hard to settle down in urgent situations, but in fact, urgency does not need to ramp us up. When we see that being ramped up is a function of our thinking about the situation, not the situation itself, we recover the capacity to see clearly and act from a settled down place even when there are only seconds in which to make a life or death decision.


  1. Judy Voruz

    In fact it requires that we ramp down. Having worked in Crisis Services for many years what is most needed for self and others is calmness and clarity.

    • Molly

      Exactly. And ramping down begins the moment we realize that the intensity and pressure are coming from our thinking, not from the situation.

  2. Christy

    Your response “…coming from our thinking, not the situation” rings my bell!
    Thanks for the clarity!


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