What I got wrong about the Three Principles

When I first came across the Three Principles as articulated by theosopher Sydney Banks, I thought I had found the escape hatch for everything stressful and painful in life. I was both right and wrong. This video is a first shot at pointing at what I misunderstood and an invitation to you to ask questions.

At first I thought understanding the Three Principles would inoculate me against the human experience. Upon deeper examination, I’ve come to see that understanding the Three Principles frees me to take the whole being-a-human ride as it comes, exulting in the highs and meeting the lows with grace. The more deeply we see into the inside out nature of experience, the less there is to fear in any experience, happy or sad, bold or afraid.

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There’s Nothing You Need to Fix in Order to Be More Loving

Love happens on two levels: the love we do and the love we are. The love we are is like the sun. The love we do, which is the product of our thinking in the moment, is like the weather. When the weather is clear, the sun shines through. When it is stormy, not so much.

When we want to be more loving, it doesn’t actually make sense to try to fix ourselves. The sun doesn’t need fixing, and the weather, being temporary, can’t be fixed and will pass in a moment. Trying to fix the weather just adds stormy thinking. The more we understand that out nature is love and trust that the weather will pass, the more the sun shines through.

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