Three Principles Mastermind

Your work is calling…

But somehow you aren’t making the connection between inspiration and follow through

I hear it all the time: “I have great ideas—at least I think they’re great at the time, but I get lost in implementation.”

And lately I have been hearing it from folks who are looking for a different way to solve the problem.

By different I mean a way that actually dials down the pressure rather than turning it up.

  • A way that’s not about adrenaline and hype.
  • A way that invites you to relax, settle down, and tap into the deeper wisdom that you know is there and act on it.

That’s something you probably do quite naturally—except when you have a lot of thinking about the “right way” and “best practices,” and what’s at stake if you get it wrong.

Somehow you haven’t quite connected the dots between what I call your native operating system and making things happen in the world. It can show up like this:

  • You are in touch with yourself when you get inspired, but then you lose touch with yourself when it comes to taking action.
  • You start looking outside yourself for validation for the right way to get it done, and you lose momentum.

Getting help is a great idea, but not if it takes you away from your own wisdom. Which is why I’ve retooled my Come Alive & Do the Thing! Mastermind to create an intimate community of support that amplifies your wisdom rather than diluting it. A community that reminds you who you are, what you are up to, and that you can do it—and do it your way.

mastermind for solo-preneurs

An invitation to Come Alive & Do the Thing! a mastermind for solo-preneurs who’d rather rock than waffle

Come Alive and Do the Thing! is an eight-person Mastermind group designed to tap into your own wisdom in a way that also generates action.

mastermind for solo-preneurs

Come Alive & Do the Thing! is for solo-preneurs who

  • Want support to get your business moving or take it to the next level.
  • Find themselves drawn to certain ideas and actions, but then get lost implementing them, Maybe it’s lack of knowledge (probably not ? ) or maybe it’s second-guessing yourself (do ya think? ? ), but whatever it is, they’re ready to do it differently.
  • Sense that part of the problem is working alone. Companionship for the journey sounds grand.
  • Know that adding pressure doesn’t help, at least not for long, and they are willing to try a different way—a way that taps into their natural ways of being to generate ideas, action, and momentum.

mastermind for solo-preneurs

In a nutshell

The program begins with a one-on-one intake conversation to help you articulate what you want to achieve, what you believe is in your way, and what you hope to realize as a result of the program.  After the intake conversations, we will begin meeting as a group (maximum eight persons) in twice-monthly videoconferences.


  • Twice monthly videoconferences that tap into individual and collective wisdom.
  • Three individual coaching sessions (in addition to the intake session)  to dissolve blocks and reveal openings.
  • A private online forum to provide day-to-day support and develop a sense of community quickly.
  • Weekly written check-ins to help you stay connected and on track.

[Come Alive & Do the Thing! And The Art of Living] were worth waaaaaay much more than I paid. I see now I can’t even put a price on what I’ve come to understand through my time with you.

I loved the calls and the homework, and the ability to connect on Facebook was very nice. These programs gave me an opportunity to see the world in a way that feels true and delightful to me, especially as the conversations unfolded and you reflected back with a Three Principles framework. There was also something lovely about sharing my perspective and having other people respond, either to confirm, elevate or disagree. These are the kinds of conversations I want to have more of.

In general I am enjoying my life much more after the two courses with you. I move through experiences that previously tried me with greater ease. Jeff commented on my increased flexibility and that he notices that I am lovingly detached. I am still connected, but not trying to control. He has also noticed a spillover effect for himself; his life and our relationship feel easier. I feel more self assured and settled in myself. I can question things and hold them loosely and easily. In your words, not take my thinking so seriously. It’s now possible to wear life like a loose garment.

Anyone who is curious about how to create a more expansive and joyful life could benefit from this.

Nikki Crawford, Ph.D.

Your Peaceful Space


Come Alive & Do the Thing! begins January 18, 2017

Come Alive & Do the Thing! will be limited to eight persons. We will meet twice monthly on first and third Wednesdays for 90 minutes on Wednesdays at 1:00pm Pacific time (14:00pm Eastern, 9:00pm UK) beginning Wednesday, January 18 and ending July 5, 2017.

The group will have an opportunity to design its own continuation.

The fee for the group is $2000 or $2200 if you prefer to make six payments. If money is an issue, let’s work something out. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to make a request or phone me at +1-360-697-7022.


Click here to register with one payment of $2000: Click here to register

Click here to register with six payments of $367:  six-payments 


I had never really been part of a mastermind group that met via telephone before. I was unsure whether I would really have much in common with the other participants and a bit concerned that I would be on calls that might not apply directly to my own situations, challenges and opportunities. With time at a premium, I was a little anxious about that committing to meeting for ninety minutes every couple of weeks might be more of a distraction than a support. I was also concerned that being in a situation where I would be expected to support others in a group would end up costing more time than I had available to give.

Molly does such a wonderful job of creating groups that are made up of people with common interests, situations and challenges that my concerns were immediately allayed. I found that the exact opposite of what I feared was true—our meetings ended up saving me time and in some ways actually creating time because they helped me to get into a productive and constructive mindset that kept me from spinning in circles or expending unnecessary energy trying to control everything and make it all perfect.

I gained so much from each member of the group and immeasurable value from Molly—not only as she responded to my challenges and situations, but also in hearing her facilitate and respond to the situations of others (which really weren’t all that different from my own).  In the end we all realized how very similar we were, and how much stronger and more resilient we felt as a result of our time together and with Molly.

The Traction Mastermind—and Molly—have helped me to see directly how my reality is a product of my thoughts, which are transitory.  She has helped me to recognize that, contrary to what I used to believe, trying to control and redirect my thoughts when I am in an unproductive state of mind just leads to more anxiety and frustration. I have learned to find my center and know that it is always there, like the sun behind the clouds–and infinitely more accessible when I simply wait with the knowing that the “thought storm” will soon subside allowing me to enjoy the clarity a sunny day brings.

Now that I am aware when I am becoming too invested in my troubled thinking, I find that it ends up correcting itself in ways I never could have anticipated. This has deepened my trust and faith that life is always working in my favor and that no matter what is happening, I can make the most of the experience by being present and connected to true self and Spirit.

This has allowed me to get true traction by lightening up, playing more at what I do, being willing to play bigger, not take myself so seriously and embrace my imperfection.  I believe as a result I am far more productive, creative and effective—in my personal life and in my business.  I can’t thank Molly enough for the impact she has had on my life and I am so grateful I have had the experience of knowing and working with her.

Anyone who wants to look beneath the surface to experience a deeper and more profound connection to Spirit and to themselves and use the experience to enrich their personal and professional life and their businesses would benefit from Molly’s masterminds. People who tend to be thoughtful and playful and curious will probably enjoy Molly and the mastermind process the most. If you are open and willing, Molly will help you to lead yourself to amazing places and discover riches that have always been there, waiting for you to discover them.

Molly is the real deal. She is willing to be vulnerable, to share her own stories, fears, insecurities, thought processes and learning’s in a way that helps her clients to learn more about themselves and life. She cares deeply about her clients and it is evident that she places their needs at the top of her hierarchy while honoring a process that she does not need to understand—only embrace and allow to move through her. She is a brilliant facilitator, a wise and insightful teacher, and masterful coach. I wish I would have discovered her years ago!

Diane M. Bolden

Founder/President, Synchronistics Coaching & Consulting


Question mark by John Hain via pixabay.comHere are some of the nuts and bolts. If you have other questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or give me a call at +1-360-697-7022.

Will there be additional costs?

There is no cost to join a Zoom meeting from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you participate by phone, check with your local carrier to determine whether or not you will incur long distance charges. I ask that everyone participate by video whenever possible.

What technology will I need?

The Zoom videoconferencing platform works a lot like Skype, but seems to be more stable. The free Zoom software runs on Macs and PCs and on smartphones and tablets using Android, iOS (Apple), or Blackberry operating systems.

For the best group experience, please use a device with a camera so that you can participate by video as well as audio. There is an option for participating by telephone only, which you are welcome to use on occasion, however it would be lovely for everyone to be able to see each other most of the time. That said, it is easy to control your camera feed and turn it off if you want privacy for a minute or two.

Will the group sessions be recorded?

Yes, every meeting will be recorded, and you will be able to watch a video replay and/or download the audio of the meeting by the following day. That said, recordings are not intended to substitute for live participation. If you expect to miss more than two or three sessions, please do not sign up.

How will the online forum work?

We’ll be using secure forum software hosted on one of my websites rather than a Facebook group because it offers more options for threaded conversations and, for some, a greater sense of privacy. The forum will incorporate:

  • Bios from each participant and the option to upload photos to help tell your story.
  • Monthly topic threads. Each participant will create a topic thread of his or her own for the month where s/he posts intentions, goals, requests, questions, successes, etc.
  • A place to share resources.

How much time will this take?

The intent of this group is to produce action guided by your own wisdom and common sense. You will be invited to declare action steps in the videoconferences, in your weekly reports, and in daily posts to the forum. You will design your own structures of accountability, and the group will be there to support you according to your requests. You are in charge of how much time you spend on your project(s), and we will be there to help you stay connected, motivated, and in action.

Molly Gordon is a breath of fresh air in the world of coaching. She’s a master coach that brings depth, wisdom, and authenticity to her craft. Unlike many coaches who often tout quick fixes and high-pressure sales, Molly invites you into the power of your own truth and knowing. Through this centered place, you can become an unstoppable force for taking inspired action in service of what truly makes you feel alive and on purpose. My work with Molly helped me to transform my business and my life in exceptional ways. Terra Christoff

Women's Inspired Work & Life Coach


Are you ready to Come Alive & Do the Thing?

Image of cupped hands, light,, wordsRemember, Come Alive & Do the Thing! is limited to eight persons. We will meet twice monthly on first and third Wednesdays for 90 minutes on Wednesdays at 1:00pm Pacific time (14:00pm Eastern, 9:00pm UK) beginning Wednesday, January 18 and ending July 5, 2017.

The fee for the group is $2000. If you sign up before 5pm Pacific time December 30th, you save $200. If money is an issue, let’s work something out. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to make a request or phone me at +1-360-697-7022.


Click here to register: Click here to register

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