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Mentor coaching provides expert challenge and support to help coaches at all levels reach their next stage of mastery. That can mean deepening your understanding and expression of Core Coaching Competencies as laid out by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It could mean seeing and moving beyond patterns that have begun to limit your work. It could be exploring individual client situations and gaining insight into what did and didn’t work. Whatever it may mean to you at your current stage of development, my intention is to honor the unique genius that undergirds your particular flavor of coaching.

What qualifies me as a mentor coach?

I’ve been a coach in private practice since 1996. I graduated from both The Academy for Coach Training (now inviteCHANGE) Certified Professional Coach program and The Newfield Network’s Graduate Coaching program. Over the years I have completed numerous additional coaching-specific trainings totaling more than 400 hours.

I have been an ICF Master Certified Coach since 2002. Since then I have been an assessor for the ICF’s credentialing program. I am a past member of the ICF credentialing committee and was responsible for training assessors for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) exams. I am a graduate of the inviteCHANGE Mentor Coach Certification Program, which is based on the most current International Coach Federation (ICF) standards and practices for credentialing. 

I am also experienced in developing coaches. I’ve presented at numerous International Coach Federation (ICF) international and regional conferences. I co-created The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) for Coaches with David Emerald and Bert Parlee, Ph.D. I’m currently an instructor and mentor coach for the University of Miami Coaching Certificate Program, Coach Masters Academy, ClientWise, and 7 Paths Forward.

In 2010 I encountered the teachings of Sydney Banks, widely known as “the Three Principles.” I recognized in Syd’s teachings fundamental psycho-spiritual truths about the inherent wholeness, resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness of human beings that have a profound impact on coaching. I am deeply committed to coaching from this foundation and especially keen to support coaches who are trained in the ICF Core Coaching Competencies to partner with universal wisdom and intelligence in the service of their clients.

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“Molly Gordon is a breath of fresh air in the world of coaching. She’s a master coach that brings depth, wisdom, and authenticity to her craft. Unlike many coaches who often tout quick fixes and high pressure sales, Molly invites you into the power of your own truth and knowing. Through this centered place, you can become an unstoppable force for taking inspired action in service of what truly makes you feel alive and on purpose. My work with Molly helped me to transform my business and my life in exceptional ways.” 

Terra Christoff

Women's Inspired Work & Life Coach

Group Mentor Coaching

Small group mentor coachingGroup mentor coaching provides an opportunity to learn from witnessing the coaching and mentoring of others in the group. Participants take turns coaching each other or submitting a recorded coaching session.

Groups meet by videoconference using the Zoom platform and have a minimum of two and a maximum of six participants. Scheduling is based on the needs of the participants. As with individual mentoring, I design groups on a custom basis to satisfy both credentialing requirements (if any) and the development aspirations of the coaches involved.

Individual Mentor Coaching

Individual mentor coaching begins with a no cost, no obligation intake conversation to explore your goals for the work, check to see that we are a good fit, and develop a working model and schedule that matches your needs, learning style, and aspirations. Individual mentoring may include any of the following plus custom elements that we cook up together.

  • Review of a recording of your work with a client.
  • You coaching me.
  • Reviewing a transcript of one of your coaching sessions and offering detailed specific commentary calling out strengths and identifying opportunities to explore new ways of working.
  • A written assessment using the same criteria and methodology that ICF uses to evaluate credential applicants.
  • Phone or videoconference sessions between the two of us. Length varies from 30-60 minutes depending on your needs.

The number of sessions varies with your needs. Sometimes you simply want to consult with another coach. You may be experiencing a pattern of stuckness, have questions about particular client situations and challenges, or simply feel called to deepen your skill and artistry.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to request a no-obligation exploratory conversation.


Individual mentoring is available for $300 per session. You can purchase a package of 10 individual mentoring sessions for $2,700.00. Group mentoring fees range from $1,700 to $2,400 depending on the size of the group.

Here’s what Laura DeHaven, ACC, has to say about mentor coaching with me.

What were your concerns or reservations before joining the group?

I wondered: How valuable would the program be in deepening and honing my coaching skills. Whether I’d receive enough individual attention. Whether the small size of the group would somehow limit learning opportunities.

How have those changed?

The coaching and feedback have been invaluable. Molly has provided much individual attention and she has been very generous with her knowledge and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a mentor coach, and have experienced this mentoring program as powerful for my coaching and my personal growth.

What, specifically, have you gained as a result of the group?

Increased confidence in and renewed enjoyment for coaching. Deepening awareness of and facility with th
e ICF Core Competencies. Opportunity to explore the subtleties of the competencies guided by a skilled mentor. Consistent practice coaching. A place to experiment safely with new approaches and to be reminded of why the basics are so important.

I feel well set up to apply for my ICF ACC Renewal. My coaching feels way more effective even as I feel more relaxed and present doing it.

It’s been fun!

What specific feature did you like best?

I appreciate that Molly provided a combination of group and individual mentoring in the package. It has been a tremendous value and an easy solution to the requirements to have both. I also like that the group size was quite small; it lent itself to lots of coaching time and direct feedback as well as plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

To whom would you recommend mentor coaching with me?

Any ACC or PCC level coach seeking to renew a certification. I’d also recommend mentor coaching with you for beginning level coaches working towards certification.

Laura DeHaven

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