The incredible, innocent goofiness of waiting for the other shoe to drop

When my clients begin to see the principles behind how their experience is created moment to moment, they start experiencing more wellbeing. Sometimes they are startled by the degree to which their state of mind improves, and they worry about holding onto it. As one client said this morning, “I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Here’s the deal.

There’s no shoe.

There’s only the experience you are having right now in this moment.

Sure, you could have any number of experiences in the future, and you may have experiences you (think) you don’t like. But so what? Does it really make sense to give more weight and significance to a possible unpleasant feeling in the future than you give to your good feeling right now?

It’s a bit like backing away from a gorgeous table of gourmet delicacies because you can’t be sure what’s on the menu tomorrow.

I say it a bit differently in the video, and I’d love to hear how it lands with you. Please share in the comments. ♥


  1. Julie Claire

    Great timing, watching this video. Thanks for posting it Molly! I was just out on a walk and was having a similar conversation with myself. I am SO TIRED of listening to the same old ideas of how to move forward –a kind of problem solving–this voice early on repeat mode–worn out and ragged. And I was aware that I was walking in an incredible vista, in a hugely expansive New Mexico setting, and felt also connected to a vast infinity that was/is fresh, alive and BRILLIANT. It became clear that THIS is the information I want to tune into, that which is in this vastness. I am entranced by the old, stale–conditioning I know–and wow, I do believe I need this distinction on a daily basis.

    And then I popped open my computer and watched your video–after not having watched for a long time–total synchronicity and right on target. Amazing.

    Much gratitude for you speaking up,

    • Molly

      I’m so glad that the timing was right, Julie. ♥


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