May 2018 Wholeness Hangout

Invisible Power: Principles Behind Personal Capacity

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This month my guests Robin Charbit and Dr. Ken Manning of Insight Principles Institute share a preview of their program, Invisible Power: Principles Behind Personal Capacity. This Hangout will be of particular interest to coaches and consultants who are curious about the ways in which the Three Principles are relevant to corporate engagements.

Over the past 15 years Robin and Ken have seen repeatedly that understanding insight principles gives clients an entirely new perspective with which to handle their biggest challenges. Most consulting approaches engage in the content and structure of business or people problems, taking individual or organizational thinking as a given. Focusing on problems in this way is limiting. When clients learn Insight Principles, they see how the human dimension is impacting business issues and what they can immediately do about it. Solving problems at this level – the level of root cause – is extremely efficient and impactful. Teams learn how to live with expansive perspectives and a strong esprit de corps.

If you are a coach or consultant or someone who would you like an introduction to or a deepening in your understanding of the principles behind how the human mind works, don’t miss this Hangout. It is also excellent for:

  • Anyone new to these principles who would like an in depth introduction.
  • People currently working in the corporate world.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs.

About Ken Manning and Robin Charbit

Ken Manning has been interested in finding simple solutions to help people be at their best for as long as he can remember. He pursued three degrees in psychology from Brown University, Lesley College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He practiced as a clinical psychologist for 20 years.

In parallel to his career in psychology, Ken also has a strong background in business, including roles in various start-ups as national sales manager, director of marketing, and advisory board member. He co-founded with his son-in-law, a successful software development company, which he still leads.

In 1999 he began innovating ways to bring insight principles into the corporate world and joined with partner Robin Charbit to form their company Insight Principles.

Ken has been married for 30 years, has two stepdaughters, a son, and five grandchildren. He plays the piano, loves the outdoors and all kinds of sports and exercise, travel, photography, woodworking, and spending time with family and friends.


Robin Charbit began his career as a chemical engineer with Exxon in 1981, having received his education at Sheffield University in the UK, and eventually led one of Exxon’s international plastics businesses. He joiSave & Add To Libraryned Arthur D. Little in 1992 first in Europe and ultimately, in Boston, where he led and managed the North American Chemicals Practice.

With a colleague, he left the more classical consulting world and founded Insight Management Partners, to bring an understanding of how the mind works into business. He then met Ken Manning and they joined forces to create Insight Principles.

Robin was born in the UK to French parents and met his Belgian wife Sabine, in Switzerland. They now live in Boston with their three soccer-crazed children. When time permits, Robin enjoys all things mechanical (cars, wood-working, home projects), and is an avid cinemaphile.

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