Money and Meaning: What is your practice?

Money and Meaning: What is your practice?

I know you aren’t in business for the money, otherwise why would you be doing what you’re doing?

And you are probably not in business merely to satisfy yourself. If you are reading this, it is very likely that you want to make a difference in the world. A contribution.


Or something else of equal value and importance.

Still, here you are, in business. (Even if you run a non-profit, you’re in business. You need to bring in the dough to keep the wheels turning.)

Given all that, I ask you to consider this: What if making money is not a necessary evil? What if making money and doing it consistently is part of your particular spiritual path?

This doesn’t mean that making money is, in and of itself, a spiritual activity. I think that’s hogwash.

What is a spiritual activity is facing and working through the stuff that would keep you from wholeheartedly engaging in ethical and effective business practices.

What is a spiritual activity is being at least as willing to thrive as you are to struggle. (And may I suggest that being willing to thrive is a more gracious and graceful stance?)

What is a spiritual activity is approaching business as a creative act, and therefore as a privilege, rather than a gigantic pain in the patootie.

When you step up to the business side of your work, every encounter, every concern, every joy has the potential to teach you something of profound importance about yourself and your relationship to the Divine and the world around you.

This week, pretend that your business is part of a curriculum perfectly designed to cultivate your higher self. Notice when you pretend that your business is a problem and look instead for the spiritual challenge and support inside each experience.

Let me know what you find out.

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  1. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Being as willing to thrive as to struggle! Wow, audacious and oh so true. And sometimes not so easy. I’m beginning the week of noticing right this minute.


    Love and light,

  2. Lydia Puhak (@LydiaPuhak)

    What a happy surprise that you’re mentioning all this today! It’s further evidence supporting my belief in the synchronicity behind our relationship… To speak to that, I’d like to share a fun coincidence. Just this morning I set out to continue with a practice I’ve been calling Contemplative Action. It’s currently week 3 for me… I’m ticking through the Yamas (from the Yoga Sutras), one each week, and then I’ll continue with the Niyamas. This week begins my focus on the concept of Asteya, nonstealing and noncovetousness. Boy, is THAT concept rich for practice when it comes to considering the spiritual challenges that are presented when I steal and covet (no, I’m not truly a thief, but I have been known to accidentally steal other people’s thunder, and I’m DEFINITELY prone to holding precious things a little bit too closely than serves my highest good, or that of my business). To practice brutal honesty with myself as I make certain choices is key… and fortunately I’d practiced Satya, nonlying, all last week! …and no, I’m not a very good liar in the usual meaning of the word, but when it comes to how I describe the growth of my business when asked, the mental acrobatics I go through to turn myself and my thoughts around resemble something you might see under the big top! …and thank goodness, I’ve learned thru diligent practice to play with my thoughts and beliefs this way (thank you, Molly for introducing me to Katie!), otherwise I’d be probably still be bashing myself into submitting to a career in some big corporation, playing into some socially imbedded construct of what it means to be successful. Bashing’s no longer my go-to MO, though — I had a good, focused practice centering around Ahimsa, nonharming, two weeks ago! :o)

    Thanks for evoking this opportunity to articulate what’s going on for me just now! Wow! I feel all bright and shiny!

  3. Molly

    @ Sue: I’m so glad that resonated.

    @ Lydia: What an amazing and challenging practice. I am in awe of it and you.

  4. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Molly, here’s my report, after a week or so exploring this idea, this context.

    Pretending that my business is part of a curriculum perfectly designed to cultivate my higher self turns out to be very powerful. My relationship to my business, my writing, completing my new website, connecting in the engagement conversation with prospective clients, all of it… I have some really really negative habits that keep me in the head space of all this being an ordeal. I love how that can turn around, and I appreciate you for delivering this pivot point of seeing it all as being designed for me to grow into my highest good. Woot!

    Thank you!
    Love and light,

  5. Molly

    @Sue: Wow! Thank you SO much for reporting back. It seems that you are really integrating the idea. W00t back at you!


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