Why you never have to worry about making a wrong turn

Each of us has an inner guidance system, a sort of GPS. Most of us know this on some level, yet we second guess ourselves. What if we misinterpret the information our GPS is giving us? What if we make the wrong turn? It turns out that those questions really don’t matter. Your inner GPS is capable of recalibrating and recalculating no matter what move you make. You can rely on that and worry less about getting it “right.”


  1. Eva Fajardo

    Thank you, Molly.
    This landed ever so sweetly.
    I am happy to remember this recalibrating is always available.

  2. yuichi

    I loved the talk, Molly! It landed well. But/And it also reminded me of this (from the office): https://youtu.be/H3Byf8U1btI


    • Molly

      That’s hysterical, Yuichi! Thank you. ♥

  3. Jeannie G.

    Having to move again and not being ‘in love’ with any of my options, I had to take what was there or possibly not have any place at all. Now that I’m packing and getting ready for the big day of the move I can feel my gps resetting. Thanks for putting it all in perspective for me, Molly!
    You’ve done it again.

  4. Beth

    Great insight!


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