Pay It Backward/Pay It Forward

This work is offered in the context of a gift ecology. It seems to me that, consciously or not, we exist in a common ecology and economy.  I see my work as a contribution to the web of life that supports all of us so richly.

If you have benefited from my work, I ask that you reflect on the value you have received and allow yourself to savor and acknowledge that value without being distracted or concerned about money. After you have a feeling for the value received, I invite you to wonder about how you might return that value in any number of forms either by paying it back to me or paying it forward into the world using any form of currency, not only money. You’ll find several examples of what others have chosen to do below the video, Unlocking Multiple Forms of Wealth, which may also help you think more creatively and broadly about the forms of currency you have available.

This is not a way to get “free” coaching. I still live in a world where money is a primary currency, and I need money to pay for housing, food, business services, and other fundamentals. Your gifts of money are always welcome, and you can send them by clicking on the Give button below (which will take you to PayPal), or you can send a check to Molly Gordon at PO Box 195, Suquamish, WA, 98392, USA.

You can also support my work at Patreon, using the Become a Patron button.

Whatever form you choose to give back or forward, please know that I appreciate you.

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I did pay forward my last convo with you by giving away a $450 flower sculpture to a couple that does a lot of volunteer community service, as an experiment on how having something to give=abundance—that felt sweet. Thank you!


Here’s pic of their sculpture. The blue yarn was spun and dyed by my first Alanon sponsor 30 years ago—these two are recovery folk.

There’s a mirror moon in the back, it can go on wall or table…they had fun deciding who was who.


Hi Molly, OK, here goes. I’m going to stop avoiding this and just reply… it’s hard to place a value on something that Mastercard would call “priceless…” and so I don’t quite know what to do with this question (and, of course I’m sure that’s part of the value as well).  

I love that you offer some of your work in this way and have felt called to do the same at times, particularly after being on a retreat and learning about the practice of dana… I offered a couple of retreats with “Goldilocks pricing” where people could choose 1 of 3 options for their “just right” price…  But, I digress…

I so appreciate what you and the Art of Living has given me and my life. I  particularly appreciate learning from you as a coach by watching how you coach during our calls… masterful! And, the concepts we’ve explored and the insights that have arisen have enriched my life greatly.

So, here are a couple of the ways I have and will be paying it forward last month and in the month ahead. I was able to gift a friend whose 24 year old son died in Sept. with a spot in my Nov. 3–5 retreat… we both had goosebumps when she called to accept that offer and those are moments when I truly feel aligned with what I am here to do in this life! In Dec. I am offering a free teleseminar on self-care to a group of parents who have children with mental illness — that feels super great and also very aligned with who I am supposed to be serving!

So, for now, that is how I am paying it forward. And, again I really honor and thank you for showing up for us week after week, no matter how many of us are there — what a generous gift!  Thank you.

Deep bow of appreciation,

Here’s my project to spread sweetness throughout the midwest. We are in Des Moines this weekend and so I’ve posted my first “take what you need” flier at Smokey Row coffee house. It’s taped to the wall in the lady’s room. My daughter Grace already tore off Calm & Rest.

Thanks for sharing your insights,   


Hello! Last night was so fun! I presented to this group of recovering addicts and they looooooooooved my message. It was such a great and expanding experience for me. This is a group that hasn’t felt much love. Being able to give them some felt amazing.

They responded very well to the scholarship idea and all said they are eager for 3 more sessions. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ve asked them to get back to me with their commitment.

I wanted to share my high with you.

With love,




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