On the perils of dismantling your compass

Every human being has a built-in compass or GPS. Sometimes we don’t like what it says (or doesn’t say), so we start taking it apart. Here’s why that’s neither necessary nor a good idea.

How does this land with you?

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  1. Debra Davis

    Hi Molly,
    This has happened to me in a non-metaphorical sense. I use map and compass in my job and a few times I’ve gotten so turned around that I didn’t believe the instruments. It was a temporary loss of perspective, a scrambling of what I was seeing and where I thought the way should be. Very unsettling, almost to the point of panic. Staying put wasn’t an option so each time I made the leap of faith and trusted the compass. It has worked every single time. And I could always look back and see where my thinking went off kilter.

    The navigation metaphor is a great one for this path we’re on…with peaks and valleys and intersections and thickets and landmarks and blind corners, etc.

    Thanks for these videos–so often they’re right on time for me. And it’s nice to see and hear you.


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