Wouldn’t it be grand… to greet the New Year with confidence, courage, and an abiding sense of ease?

But holy cow, is that really a thing?

Actually, it is!

Even if you’ve been grappling for years with the persistent sense that you just don’t know how to get life right, you can discover in yourself a wise, creative, and compassionate guide.

You can wake up to your own creative process, a process that is both mysterious and utterly reliable. When understood, trusting the process is not even an issue.

Yup, it’s possible, even when you think you’re your biggest barrier to self-expression. Even when you have a history of getting in the way of what you want to create where you want to move in the world.

Welcome to Reboot Your Life, a “Do It at Home”

Creative Immersion Retreat with Cherie Ray and Molly Gordon

Reboot Your Life is a deep dive into the creative spirit that you know lives inside of you but that sometimes seems ridiculously elusive.  It’s designed to show you how you are designed to reboot effortlessly.

Join us, and greet the New Year with fresh inspirations and ideas custom tailored to who you a really are, what you really care about, and how life really works.

  • Learn about innate creative process–a creative process that is built into your human operating system.
  • Get a handle on the ways human beings get in their own way (we all do it) and discover the super simple key to getting out of the way. (When you see this, trusting the process—your process—isn’t even an issue.)
  • And do it all from the comfort of your own home, studio, or office—while enjoying the support and inspiration of a like-minded community.

Won’t you join us to make space for the full-bodied experience of a rich and fertile 2018?

How it works

Reboot Your Life is a virtual retreat. That means you can participate from your own home, office, or studio. The retreat runs from Thursday through Saturday, December 28, 29, and 30, 2017. Before we begin, you get an individual coaching session with Cherie or Molly to clarify your intentions.

During the retreat, we will begin each day with a virtual retreat community gathering at 8:00 AM pacific Standard Time using Zoom. Zoom is a free videoconferencing platform you can use on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even join by phone, if you prefer.

By the way, this is strictly a come as you are happening. We plan to show up in pajamas, paint-stained coveralls, or whatever is easy, and we hope you will too.

We’ll meet for an hour to an hour and a half–long enough to connect, share insights into the innate creative process, and address whatever might seem to be in your way.

Then you play. Experiment. Create. Dream. Nap.


We come together again in the afternoon at 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time for another community retreat gathering. You’ll have time to share your insights and breakthroughs and ask for what you need moving forward.

After the retreat is over you get two coaching sessions, one each with Cherie and Molly, to integrate your creative insights and vision into your life and work.

And throughout the retreat you can pop into the Reboot Your Life Facebook group to share insights, breakthroughs, and connect with the community.

Here’s a summary

  • 30-minute individual intake session with Cherie or Molly.
  • Do-it-at-home retreat December 28-30, 2017.
  • Daily Zoom sessions at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. 
  • Come as you are! We will. 😉
  • Each Zoom session will be 60-90 minutes. We will give everyone ample time to check in and explore new possibilities, and we won’t keep you in a Zoom session when you’d rather be creating or relaxing (or both!).
  • Reboot Your Life Facebook group where you can connect throughout the retreat.
  • Two follow-up coaching sessions.

Creative immersion retreat

“The immersion into the process experience was multi-dimensionally profound cracking open my heart, drenching my soul, connecting me ever more closely to my intuition and divine creativity.  Brilliant.”

“I’m a raving fan–Molly is unique, brilliant, and compassionate and very, very real. Her style is gentle, open and honest.”

“It was wonderful to be in a space with so many like-minded people on the same journey.”

“I’m so glad Cherie was here holding the center pole; her presence made me feel safe.”

Reboot Your Life is for folks who:

  • Are eager to step into the new year with a fresh vision of possibility, and may doubt their ability to realize that vison.
  • Would love to trust the process, but wonder how that actually works. Is it realistic?
  • Are tired of feeling they are lacking something and ready to discover that they have what it takes to be successful and joyful in life.
  • Sense that much more is possible but for their limiting beliefs.

Gain fresh insight into the human operating system

Believe it or not, you and every human being on the planet were designed to thrive. To create. To receive and follow custom-tailored guidance.

We’re betting that sometimes it looks that way to you, too. Even if it has been years since you last really trusted your creative self, something in you knows it’s there.

Knows that it is infinitely resourceful.

And longs to experience and express it more fully.

That’s what Reboot Your Life is all about.

What you can expect from Reboot Your Life

  • A fuller, deeper, more grounded understanding of how your creative process actually works.
  • What it really means and why it just makes sense to “make space” for what naturally wants to occur.
  • A new relationship with negativity and doubt or other persistent barriers to creating what you want.
  • Setting aside time to give yourself the time and space to get oriented to possibilities that lurk just out of your everyday awareness.
  • Wrapping up the year and launching the new year with a good feeling.
  • And doing it in a supportive creative community.


Meet Cherie and Molly

Creativity Retreat Leader Cherie Ray

Cherie Ray, MLA, Consultant & Coach

Cherie’s work supports individuals, teams, couples, families and business leaders in understanding how living creatively free impacts intimacy, collaboration, productivity, and profitability.  She has shared her rich understanding of the creative process with others for 15 years. During this time she also completed the Pransky & Associates Mentorship program. Read more about her work at www.cherieray.com and www.trueyoucreativity.com

Molly Gordon, Master Certified Coach

A coach since 1996, Molly is known for her creativity, humor, and commitment to helping clients get off the merry-go-round of serial self-improvement and into the slipstream of infinite possibility. Her work is firmly grounded in the realization that every human being is inherently whole, creative, and resourceful, and she is thrilled to partner with her clients to create lives and work they love as the experience sand express their unique creative genius. Learn more about Molly’s work at www.shaboominc.com.

Here’s what we want for you

creativity coaching supports new insight

  • Comfort with and confidence in the not obvious naturalness of creativity.
  • A sense of “go for it” possibility with ease and spaciousness; we want you to really see that there is nothing to lose.
  • A sense of going from your concept of creative freedom to a felt sense of freedom.
  • A fresh perspective on the many depths and layers of the idea that that there’s a right way to do something.
  • Release from the myth that the “right way” will bring the desired outcome.
  • Permission: Most of us live with a restricted sense of permission. Let’s open that up!
  • An appreciation for how much BS we tend to make up between inspiration and engagement. This has massive implications for creative productivity and follow through.
  • The ability to explore in a supportive community where you can voice inspiration and bring it to light when it is still young and tender.

“After the workshop, I always feel renewed in the way a soul needs.”

“Before, my extreme and intense emotions felt oh so real and I believed they were telling me loud and clear that I was NOT okay nor was my world okay…. That all seems a lifetime ago now….. To realize that I am okay whatever storm of thinking or emotion might come along, has changed my life beyond measure.”

“Touching into the flow is so much more than painting. Painting is a vehicle to access liberty.”

“Thank you for your kind and effective support and for the joy you’ve brought to my life, about painting and creativity, which I thought I had lost.”

Register here

Your investment for Reboot Your Life is $600. If you’d like to hear more about what we have in mind and get a feel for our style, scroll down for the video of our Facebook Live. ♥ 

Click here to register 


Use the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

creativity retreat


“Cannot imagine another situation where you are totally respected, cared for, encouraged to expand within self and leave the workshop with a deep sense of self as a result.”

“I am enjoying my life much more.I move through experiences that previously tried me, more easily. I feel more self-assured and settled in myself.”

“[Anyone who wants to know] how to create a more expansive and joyful life could benefit from this.”

“The workshop was equal parts nourishing and challenging; I feel stretched and cared for.”



Will there be additional costs?

There is no cost to join a Zoom meeting from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you participate by phone, it is possible that you will incur long distance charges.

What technology will I need?

The Zoom videoconferencing platform works a lot like Skype, but seems to be more stable. The free Zoom software runs on Macs and PCs and on smartphones and tablets using Android or iOS (Apple) operating systems. You will receive instructions on setting up the software after you sign up.

Do I need a webcam?

That’s up to you. We find it enhances connection when we can see each other, but if you’d rather participate without video, that’s fine. Even if you participate from a computer or device with a camera, you can always turn the video off.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, every meeting will be recorded, and you will be able to listen to or download the audio of the meeting by the following day. Recordings are strictly for the personal use of the participants.

Questions? Just ask. ♥

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