The Secret to Finding Your Own Answers

We’ve often been told to look within for answers, but sometimes the way we look obscures what we are looking for. When we clutter our minds with expectations, pressure, worry, and preconceptions about the answers we think we need, we lose contact with the wisdom that will always deliver exactly what we truly need. The key is to settle down enough to perceive and follow the guidance that is there.


  1. Karolina

    Thank you for this beautiful video Molly! Watching it, I felt stronger connection to the knowing that Life wants to support me in a way that is good for me. Part of my habitual mental noise has been the idea that I SHOULD be ok with growing into a willow even though I am an oak tree because it is not about the form so I should be OK with any form and any conditions. How made up is this!

  2. Molly

    Exactly. I judge myself for that sort of thing all the time, not noticing that I am making up the entire mental conversation!


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