Settling down comes naturally

A key to effective action is to be settled down rather than reactive. The great things is that settling down happens naturally. It begins as soon as we recognize that we have gotten ramped up. When we notice that and stay out of the way, we naturally begin to settle. Just as children forget about their tantrums within minutes, we can allow our moods to pass.


  1. Kathleen Kunze

    Thank you for sharing this pearl of wisdom! It was just what I needed to hear. My inner self/inner child is jumping with joy. I received on a deep body level that all of my emotions and feelings are okay and I don’t need to censor or control them. I’m feeling more inner space and freedom. I really appreciate your brief videos and look forward to them every week. I enjoy the peaceful, relaxed manner in which they’re delivered. It makes listening easy.

    • Molly

      You are so welcome, Kathleen. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to comment. What you took away is lovely. <3

  2. Jeannie Grassi

    What a helpful reminder! I recently got a bit of advice from a dear friend when I shared with her that I just couldn’t shake off some hard deeply upsetting emotions. She said an emotion only lasts about 90 seconds; beyond that you are feeding it beyond heat is needed.
    Well! I am not sure if 90 seconds is scientifically correct, however since then, when I am experiencing a particularly difficult emotion I ask myself if it has been going on long enough and if I’m feeding it unnecessarily.
    It works! I am able to settle down!
    Thanks for all your thoughtful and timely insight, Mol.


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