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The road that stretches between doing work you love and building meaningful wealth can be long and lonely.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a community of fellow Accidental Entrepreneurs to ease and enrich your way?

Building meaningful wealth as you do work you love is a lot like making a road trip. It can be a wonderful adventure, but it can also be scarey and a grueling test of endurance.

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare, the unexpected will happen. And whether or not you stay the course until you reach your destination often depends on the companionship you have on the journey.

Without the right companionship, a thrilling road trip can turn into drudgery punctuated by panic. The days grow long and lonely. And when the car breaks down? It’s not pretty. You might even give up.

But with someone else to share the map-reading, the scouting, the countless decisions and challenges, your odds of reaching your destination are inestimably greater.

Introducing Shaboom County: A Community for Accidental Entrepreneurs Intent on Success

Shaboom County is an intentional business community for Accidental Entrepreneurs, who fully intend to succeed and gather to build meaningful wealth doing work they love.

Shaboom County exists because, in the words of one member, “Square Pegs” need a place to get support for growing their businesses without being shoved into round holes.

“At first I was reluctant to join, because I just don’t do things like this. I was really intimidated at first. But after lurking for awhile, I liked [the other members]. I appreciate the emphasis on creativity, as well as the sense of safety.”

And if you are a creative person, perhaps a bit of a renegade, who doesn’t see herself in the mainstream of western business practices, there aren’t a lot of intentional business communities where you can be yourself while getting the help you need to build meaningful wealth.

No pretensions allowed

If you’ve ever gone on an extended road trip with a friend, you know that it isn’t long before you drop any pretensions you might have started with. (Sharing gas station bathrooms will do that for you.) And Shaboom County is definitely a come-as-you-are community.

As one member put it,

One thing I love is that it is a place we can fail… there is so little room for pretence here… how wonderful.

(By the way, “pretence” wasn’t misspelled. That member is from the UK, and the Brits do different things with their esses and cees.)

You can be yourself at Shaboom County, so you don’t have to split yourself into two people: the creative spirit and the business owner. You can be both!

“These people are bright and creative and their thoughts awaken in me what has been ignored far too long. Thanks so much for providing this!”

Make Yourself at Home in the Online Forums

The heart of Shaboom County are the online forums. This is where members gather to share the journey of entrepreneurship. They share their hopes and dreams, their problems and fears, their discoveries and insights. It’s all welcome at Shaboom County.

“[I love] the collaborative nature of the forum. I like that people other than the main Moderator feel comfortable to add thoughts, share tips, and ask questions, start topics etc. For me, this feels very productive, and community based, very broad based.”

“[I appreciate the] high value we all place on creativity, which adds its own element of inspiration and stimulation. I come here daily for many reasons, but this, along with the very real caring and support, is number one.”

Tap into the Master Mind

One of the most active forums is The Master Mind Action Forum. Here you can start a topic of your very own. Members post to their topics their visions, priorities, intentions, and goals. Then each day (if they choose) they declare what they will do that day to bring their visions to life. Other members prefer to journal in their threads about what’s happening on the inner and outer journey toward their goals.

Again, it’s all welcome.

“There’s a welcoming and personal vibe, the sense that the members are Doers. Everyone is actually pursuing goals and changes.”

I like “being able to get feedback on ideas and work in progress. This is really helping me to take productive steps forward.”

“There is a lot of support here for risk-taking and creative vulnerability as well.”

Apply The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur

There’s also a forum called The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur. This is where members bring their problems, projects, and questions for brainstorming, resources, and support. Want feedback on the copy for your Web site? Struggling with pricing? These and other topics are welcome in this intentional business community.

Another way to think about this section is that it’s where members apply The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur to their businesses.

“[I love] the camaraderie with other conscious folks who are more successful in other areas than I have been. I learn from their experience.”

“I have found it so useful to go back to The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur and actually follow the exercises.”

“Shaboom County makes the material in the book come alive and shows me how to apply it to my business.”

“I like there there are those of us who are just starting out in businesses, and some who have been doing it a long time.”

Hang out at Town Hall.

The Town Hall Forum is where you’ll find the latest news about what’s going on in Shaboom County, including announcements of community teleconferences and video gatherings.  You can swap off-topic ideas and information from recipes to your vacation plans to—well, the sky’s the limit.

The honesty, humor, vulnerability and courage here are so nourishing. And you can come and go, which makes it even safer; others will respond when you don’t have anything to contribute at the moment.

And what’s an intentional business community without a library?

As a member, you’ll have full access to the Shaboom County Library, where you’ll find dozens of articles and resources available exclusively to Shaboom County members. There’s also a growing audio archive where you can download dozens of classes and community teleconferences.

“I *love* the library. It’s adding a new dimension to working out and painting time for me. Today I enjoyed the organization fuel-fire conference call and Doing the Work on Marketing.”

It is all secure, private, and spam-free.

Who joins Shaboom County?

Here’s a glimpse at some of the people who have joined over the years.


Jude Spacks, Creative Life Coach and Visual Artist,  www.stinkwanink.com

Lynne Tolk, Life Coach, www.lifedirectionscoach.com, www.anintegratedlife.com


Rosalyn Clare, Corporate Escape Coach, www.rosalynclare-coaching.co.uk


Bonnie Miller, Therapist and Visual Artist, www.inter-actionconsulting.com

Lisa Guarino, Visual Artist, www.lisasart.com


Elisabeth Condon, Visual Artist, www.elisabethcondon.com

Deb D, Visual Artist, www.dedavisart.com/fieldwork

Shaboom County members are intelligent, authentic, and creative.

[It’s so] “fun and exciting to read what’s happening around the world with these powerhouse women who are hugely accomplished and competent and brilliant.”

Members are real people, and that means that they experience real-life ups and downs. And while they are powerhouses, they don’t always feel that way.

“The community helps us with the emotional pieces, those triggers that make us feel less certain, uncomfortable.”

Shaboom County is an intentional business community where members grapple, grok, and play with questions like “What was I thinking?” and “Who do I think I am to even try this?” without worrying about what others are going to think.

For me this place is about having the best possible colleagues – supportive, intimate friendships built over time, pulling together to get our work to manifest in its most authentic, creative, true and successful evolving forms –which includes and depends on the inner work involved.

A word about diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values in Shaboom County. We recognize all types of diversity including ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, and abilities.

As a community, we honor the strength, creativity and power that come from experiencing different viewpoints, backgrounds, and cultures.

Shaboom County gives you

  • A safe place to vent, which can make the difference between staying stuck and moving on.
  • Multiple points of view that show that there are many ways to get a job done.
  • A chance to witness the highs and lows of other members, which puts your own into perspective.
  • The problem solving ability of a whole lot of brain-and-heart power.
  • A way to be accountable without rigidity. Accountability and flow go hand in hand as you share your plans and progress.

“It feels quite self-directed; I am getting out what I put in, in a sense. So if it is mainly process regarding doubts, feelings etc, then I can get that. If I ask for help with a document, and then stop, then it stops. The dialogue continues as I continue it.”

“I like the transparency of process—that members are welcome to share the feelings that go with accidental nature of their pursuit of purpose.”

What do you get when you join?

In a nutshell:

  • Membership in an intimate, vibrant, safe intentional business community of like-minded people that’s open every day, all day.
  • A growing library of audio recordings, worksheets, and other tools accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Members-only discounts on new products and workshops and free previews of work in progress.

Notice, I didn’t even try to estimate the dollar value of those things. You could honestly say they are priceless.

Oh God, another way to spend time at the computer!

In a world glutted with information, bargain content is no bargain at all. Nor is one more opportunity to be hypnotized by the computer screen.

So why should you come hang out online?

First, there’s a real benefit to hanging out. You get to see you aren’t the only one. You get to help others. You’re likely to discover you know a lot more than you thought.

And the more comfortable you get, the more likely you’ll be to ask when you need help. You’ll be amazed at the response.

As for Shaboom County becoming a time sink: compare the time you’ll spend in a vibrant community of Accidental Entrepreneurs to playing Farmville!

Simple answers to tough questions

I asked current members of Shaboom County what reservations they had before they joined. They asked some tough questions, which I answer below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you’ll find a place at the bottom of the page where you can ask it.

Will I actually be supported and held accountable?

Here’s what other members of Shaboom County say about that:

“[I love] the collaborative nature of the forum. I like that people other than the main Moderator feel comfortable to add thoughts, share tips, and ask questions, start topics etc. For me, this feels very productive, and community based, very broad based.”

Bottom line: You get to decide how much and what kind of support you receive.

Will I end up doing a lot of reading and get lost?

The last thing you need is one more way to waste time or get lost in information overload. I suggest new members invest 15 minutes a day in browsing the forums. Do that for a couple of weeks, and you’ll quickly discover where you want to spend your time so that you get the greatest benefit for the least effort.

Think about how much time you waste online. Now think about spending that time in an intentional community of Accidental Entrepreneurs committed to building meaningful wealth.

What if I’m not very tech-y?

If you can find a web page and use email, you have the technical ability to participate. Maggie (also known as the office angel) is available to give you step-by-step guidance in registering, logging in, downloading, and posting. She’ll even get on the phone with you and walk you through whatever issues you have.

I don’t have time.

Do you have enough time to solve your business challenges alone? In Shaboom County you will be able to tap into the wisdom and experience of a diverse community of Accidental Entrepreneurs, all of whom share your values. If you can’t find the answer here, you’ll very likely be pointed to a place where you can find it.

Compare that to the time you can spend trying to solve problems alone.

How is the community managed?

The community is self-monitoring. That said, every community can use a few public agreements. These are ours.

  1. We will be kind to each other, even when being rigorously honest.
  2. We will do our own work (The Work of Byron Katie) on anything that upsets us here.
  3. What you see or hear here (including in our telecons) stays here.
  4. We help each other, giving whatever we have.
  5. We are each responsible for taking what works and leaving the rest.
  6. We ask for help from each other.
  7. We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our community by not copying or sharing recordings, documents, or posts elsewhere.

Are you wondering if you will fit in?

I changed schools five times by the time I was in 7th grade, so I know what it’s like to walk into a strange community. The thing is, if you want to join us, we really want you there. Everyone benefits from a diverse range of talents, interests, and levels of experience.

The Not-So-Small Print

Before you go any further, you should know that there’s a catch. (Actually, there are two of them.)

Catch Number 1: You must own a copy of The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur.
This is the basic text, the trail guide, for our work at Shaboom County. Because every member has it, there are a common language and point of reference.

Catch #2: You get what you settle for.
The secret to benefiting from Shaboom County is to be selfish! Ask for what you want for yourself and your business. The more more you ask for, the more everyone gets.

What Shaboom County Membership Includes

12 month membership including 24×7 access to the forums and all resources.
Article library: Hundreds of articles with motivation, practical tips, inspiration, and how-tos available nowhere else on my sites.
Audio archive: dozens of recordings of teleclasses and community coaching calls.
Discounts on products and programs. Members get advance notice when products and programs become available. They also receive discounts ranging from 15-30%. Registration in a single course could easily pay for your membership!

Join now

When you click the link to the right, you’ll be taken to our secure shopping cart, where you can complete your registration with a credit or debit card or PayPal.
Secure payment, Shaboom County: Mindful Community for Accidental Entrepreneurs

We are not currently set up for recurrent billing. One month before your membership expires, we’ll send you a note inviting you to renew your membership.


One payment of $149.00

NOTE: If you have trouble  joining, just call Maggie at +1-360-421-1985 or email her at maggie@shaboominc.com. She’ll take care of you in a jiffy.

Guarantee, member of Shaboom County: Mindful Community for Accidental Entrepreneurs The Sweet Dreams Guarantee

Building meaningful wealth doing work you love doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. I won’t kid you, the road can be challenging (to use a polite word for it). But if you like what you’ve read so far, I truly believe Shaboom County will make the road easier.

But what if it doesn’t?

Well, for one thing, I don’t want you to join if this hasn’t resonated. I’d rather talk you out of joining (if it’s not a good fit) than collect your money.

And if you do join? I give you a Sweet Dreams Guarantee. (“Shaboom, shaboom… Life could be a dream…” Get it?)

Join Shaboom County and participate for a whole year. If in that time you don’t feel that the community and the resources have enriched and eased your road to meaningful wealth, you get your membership fee back.

And yes, you get to keep any of the resources that you may have downloaded during the year.

Think it over. Imagine receiving the companionship, support, and resources of an intentional community like Shaboom County. Then come on down!

“Kindred spirits are what I have found here. Thank you, Molly!”


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