How to survive business mistakes and thrive ever after

How to survive business mistakes and thrive ever after

December was an interesting month.

First the forums where peeps from my classes and groups hang out went down. People couldn’t get in, and when they did manage to get a page to open, they’d be stuck there, unable to open another page or to submit a post.

Soon every function on my web sites that involved a script or database (the shopping cart, forums, blog, among others) froze as well. Among other things, affiliate codes stopped working. That meant that dozens of links to the Profit Alchemy web page took people to an error page.

Not the best way to run a launch. (more…)

The three ingredients of creative vulnerability

When you work for yourself, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. And if you resist it, vulnerability can interfere with your ability to focus. It can sap your confidence. And it can keep you from receiving support.

In short, it can play havoc with your ability to do creative work, let alone promote it. But when you engage with vulnerability rather than pushing it away, it can become the seedbed for creativity in business and life.


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