Imagine waking up each day like an eager child


children-486968_1920In a very real way, we create our lives moment by moment as unique works of art. That can be a joyful process.

We could be waking up each day like eager children for whom every blank wall is an invitation to draw and every mud puddle an invitation to splash.

Yet, as we grew to adulthood and beyond, many of us lost our connection with that deep creative impulse and the joy and wellbeing that go with it.

But the connection is not gone; it is only obscured.

I invite you to join me in re-establishing your birthright as a human being: your capacity to create an amazing life of beauty, meaning, and purpose.


The Art of Living: Creating Magic and Meaning in Life and Work

The Art of Living is a 12-week program for tapping into the deeper intelligence available to every human being, an intelligence that will guide you in the creation of what you want in life, whether you think it is possible at the outset or not.

It’s an invitation to step into the gorgeous, messy, juicy art studio of YOUR life.


The goals of The Art of Living are simple:


  • To experience and express yourself as part of an endless unfolding miracle. (Really.)
  • To understand how the mind works so so that you can tap into the endless wellbeing, creativity, and wisdom that are your birthright as a human being. (No kidding.)
  • To be less bothered by judgments about yourself, your life, and other people that inhibit your creativity and self-expression. (They may arise, and it just won’t matter so much. Imagine, being free to experience and express yourself regardless of how you feel!)
  • To see the intelligence at work underneath all the rules, tools, and techniques you’ve been taught so that you can tap directly into that intelligence rather than into someone else’s version of it.

As a result, participants report greater ease, optimism, and resilience. They feel better about themselves and their lives. They experience massive reductions in anxiety, second-guessing, and analysis-paralysis. And when they do get caught up in those things, they know how to find their way back home to peace of mind and clarity.

I stumbled across the work of Molly Gordon by chance through her name cropping up in another webinar that I was attending. Out of curiosity I looked at Molly’s website and signed up for her emails because I was struck by how elegant and clear were all her communications, right down to the design and the choice of colours. A clarity and peace shone through and intrigued me enough to sign up on a hunch for the Art of Living program. I’m very happy to have followed my feelings as the course was a weekly revelation and joy. The group were lovely—all of whom I felt could become friends. At first with the format of the videoconference I felt shy, however I got used to it, and it was quite special to feel that you were in the livingroom of each of the participants. I really enjoyed seeing all the faces and how they changed during the course.

Molly’s guidance broke me through some long-standing blocks that had been frustrating me in life and business. Now I feel that I have a new set of references, and I’m on a whole new ball game. She is a wonderful generous teacher and guide. Twelve weeks was a perfect span to make essential changes.

Deborah Clare Proctor

New Ways of Being Me

The Art of Living gets at how life really works

heart-700141_1920In The Art of Living I share what I’ve learned over a lifetime of seeking, culminating in the insights of Sydney Banks, commonly referred to as The Three Principles. Syd saw that our moment to moment experience of life is created from the inside out. He also saw that every human being is born with a default setting of wholeness and wellbeing. Truly, no one is broken, and nothing needs to be fixed.

As we see this insightfully–not merely intellectually–we naturally become less gripped by our ever-changing experience. We worry less about what is going on with us, which frees our hearts and minds to participate more fully in the dance of life.


I point toward truth, but I don’t do dogma

All my life I have sought wisdom and insight. Somehow I’ve known that these would give me what I need to live wisely and well and make a contribution to the world.

And whenever I have learned something exciting, I’ve jumped at the chance to share it. I’m an evangelist in the most basic sense: I can’t resist the call to share good news.

But in a lifetime of looking, learning, and growing, I have also discovered that there is always more to be known.

I see more now than I ever have, and I know more certainly than ever that I see only a tiny bit of the whole.

I am committed to pointing in the direction of truth, insight, wisdom, and liberation.

But I will never tell you what to believe. I will always invite you to look for yourself, to question, test, and explore with your mind and heart as open as possible.


What obstacle might have prevented you from investing in The Art of Living?
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the programme. I have spent money on online business programmes which I enjoyed and could see a return on my investment in terms of my business moving forward, but I had never paid for a course looking at my life rather than my work. It was a bit of a stretch to finance the course, however I contacted Molly about the fee as she advised in her P.S., and we found a way to make it work.

How did that seem to you after having made the investment?
My work and life were at a crossroads as I joined the course and I felt that now might be a good time to stop separating the two parts of my life and take a more holistic look at things. From the first group call, I had no doubt at all that it was a good decision to join the course. The whole atmosphere promoted gentle exploration with a group of like-minded seekers.

What specifically did you like the most?
Molly’s gentle, humorous leading of the discussion. The input from others was very valuable. Often people were open with their doubts, confusion and pain but in a way that enabled us all to open further. The insights and anecdotes shared about the deepening understanding that grew in the group week by week was just beautiful. As the weeks went by we seemed to settle down. There was a deep peacefulness and openness present. It became less about what any of us where doing or had done and more about connecting with the material and each other. Oh and did I mention, there were a lot of laughs?

What other benefits did you experience?
I’ve made some big life decisions during this course. Uncertainty remains, and the consequences of those decisions aren’t always comfortable, and yet from this place of not knowing, some quite amazing things are emerging. I think this course has helped ground me in a deeper understanding of the human experience and how I connect with it. I am writing my first book (never having got past an outline before).

Who else do you think would benefit from this work?
If you are at a crossroads or have some part-buried creative aspiration that you’ve always found reasons to suppress, then this course can open things up in ways you can’t predict. Molly draws an engaged, seeking group to her and if that sounds like you, then I would recommend this kind of course.

Juliet Fay

Writer, coach and social entrepreneur

What can you expect from this group?

The goal of this group is to assist you to connect more deeply to the intelligence that is alive and well within you. Here are some of the outcomes that are available based on my own experience and that of clients.

  • Spend more time connected to your underlying okayness and less time obsessing about what’s going on when you happen not to feel okay… so that you don’t get jerked around so much by the natural ups and downs of life.
  • Dial down the confusion about what you should do and whether or not you are doing it “right” …so you can spend more time in action and less time in analysis paralysis.
  • A deeper understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes in the human experience… so you can relax into the dance of creation.
  • A body-felt experience of knowing that love and light are inside of you no matter what else is happening.
  • The realization that you are not your stories (even though stories will continue to arise), which frees you from needing to manage, improve, or analyze your thoughts.
  • A renewed sense of personal responsibility (response-ability) as you internalize the difference between the freedom to choose and the pressure to choose rightly.
  • A renewed sense of trust in life itself and enthusiasm for your part in it.

I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before.

“I engaged Molly’s coaching because my life was “good,” but not great. I could tell there was a creative energy inside of me that was trying to emerge, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Throughout my time with Molly, she helped me tune in (with great precision) to my deep inner wisdom and helped me cut through my mind chatter and ultimately led me to a place of amazing clarity and creativity. During my time with working with Molly I accessed greater creativity, energy and clarity than I had ever known before. I gave “birth” to my first published book, redesigned my offerings for clients, and improved my bottom line. The best part of working with Molly was that it all felt relatively effortless and may I even say…fun!”

Sara Harvey Yao

President, Yao Consulting Group

How it works

The Art of Living: Creating Magic and Meaning in Life and Business consists of

  • 12 weekly 90-minute sessions using the Zoom* video/audio/phone conferencing platform.
  • A variety of things to read, listen to, or watch between sessions. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for this.
  • A private Facebook group for discussion and support between sessions.
  • The first 10 people to sign up will also receive a one-on-one coaching session with me.

*Zoom is a conferencing platform that enables people worldwide to gather using audio and video from their computers and iOS or Android devices. It is also possible to join Zoom conferences by phone. Every session will be recorded solely for the use of the participants, and the audio recording will be available for download within 24 hours of each meeting. Zoom apps are free and easy to install.

The schedule

Weekly sessions will be held Thursdays at noon pacific standard time (Los Angeles) beginning November 9, 2017, and ending February 15, 2018. Please note that many countries go on or off Daylight Savings or Summer Time in October and November, so please be sure to check your local time carefully. Click here for a time zone converter. The chart below shows the time in a few cities around the world.

Every session will be recorded

For those who cannot attend live (and because many participants in my programs get a great deal out of listening again) every session will be recorded for the sole use of the participants.

The Art of Living begins November 9

The suggested investment for The Art of Living is $600. Please do not let finances be a barrier to joining this group. I set a fee as a starting place, but the reality is that this work is my gift to share as widely and freely as possible. If you feel called to this exploration, there are a bazillion ways we can make that happen. If you want to participate but are not yet clear about how you might pay it forward or backward, simply click the “choose your $” button below. Click here for more information about how I see the financial piece.

one payments of $600

Click here to sign up with a single payment of $600.

Three payments of $200

Click here to sign up with three payments of $200


Sign up now and choose what to pay laterClick here to sign up now and decide how you want to reciprocate later.

What obstacle might have prevented you from investing in The Art of Living?
If I would have had to pay full price, that would have been tough for me, I still had some fear around spending money on my business.

How did that seem to you after having made the investment?
It was worth waaaaaay much more than I paid…I appreciate that you made it so easy to say yes to signing-up again. I see now I can’t even put a price on what I’ve come to understand through my time with you.

What specifically did you like the most?
I loved the calls and the homework, the ability to connect on fb was very nice. This course gave me an opportunity to see the world in a way that feels true and delightful to me, especially as the conversations unfolded and you reflected back with a 3 Principles framework.

What other benefits did you experience?
Something lovely about sharing my perspective and having other people respond, either to confirm, elevate or disagree. These are the kinds of conversations I want to have more of.

Who else do you think would benefit from this work?
Anyone who is curious about how to create a more expansive and joyful life could benefit from this.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
In general I am enjoying my life much more after the two courses with you. I move through experiences that previously tried me, more easily. Jeff commented on my increased flexibility, and that he notices that I am lovingly detached…still connected but not trying to control. He has also noticed a spill-over effect for himself, his life and our relationship feels easier. I feel more self-assured and settled in myself…can question things and hold them loosely and easily….in your words, not take my thinking so seriously.  Wear life like a loose garment. Probably the two biggest nuggets for me were involvement vs. investment and increased awareness of my stories and that my thinking is creating the story.

Nikki Crawford

Your Peaceful Space


Will there be additional costs?

There is no cost to join a Zoom meeting from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you participate by phone, it is possible that you will incur long distance charges.

What technology will I need?

The Zoom videoconferencing platform works a lot like Skype, but seems to be more stable. The free Zoom software runs on Macs and PCs and on smartphones and tablets using Android, iOS (Apple), or Blackberry operating systems. When you sign up, you will receive a link to the weekly videoconferences. Click on that link on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to automatically launch the appropriate app. If you don’t already have the app, clicking the link will prompt you to download it.

Do I need a webcam?

A webcam is strongly recommended. It enhances connection when we can see each other, but if you’d rather participate without video, that’s fine. Even if you participate from a computer or device with a camera, you can always turn the video off.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, every meeting will be recorded, and you will be able to listen to or download the audio or video of the meeting by the following day.

What about support between sessions?

There will be a private Facebook group for the group where you can connect with each other and with me between meetings. No one outside of the group will be able to see that you are a member, nor will they see any content you post to the group page.

Will there be homework?

This is an experiential program. A great deal of the learning will take place in the course of your everyday life as you allow the questions and insights that arise to have their way with you. The most important homework is to pay attention as you go about your life. That said, I will also recommend videos, audios, or readings. These will generally require less than an hour a week. Sometimes you may need Internet access to watch or listen to material that cannot be downloaded.

I am far more productive, creative and effective—in my personal life and in my business.

Molly does such a wonderful job of creating groups that are made up of people with common interests, situations and challenges that my concerns were immediately allayed. I found that the exact opposite of what I feared was true—our meetings ended up saving me time and in some ways actually creating time because they helped me to get into a productive and constructive mindset that kept me from spinning in circles or expending unnecessary energy trying to control everything and make it all perfect.

Now that I am aware when I am becoming too invested in my troubled thinking, I find that it ends up correcting itself in ways I never could have anticipated.  This has deepened my trust and faith that life is always working in my favor and that no matter what is happening, I can make the most of the experience by being present and connected to true self and Spirit.

This has allowed me to get true traction by lightening up, playing more at what I do, being willing to play bigger, not take myself so seriously and embrace my imperfection. I believe as a result I am far more productive, creative and effective—in my personal life and in my business.

Molly is the real deal. She is willing to be vulnerable, to share her own stories, fears, insecurities, thought processes and learning’s in a way that helps her clients to learn more about themselves and life. She cares deeply about her clients and it is evident that she places their needs at the top of her hierarchy while honoring a process that she does not need to understand—only embrace and allow to move through her. She is a brilliant facilitator, a wise and insightful teacher, and masterful coach. I wish I would have discovered her years ago!

Diane M. Bolden

Founder/President , Synchronistics Coaching & Consulting

Questions? Just ask. ♥

11 + 13 =

I had been following Molly’s blogs and newsletters for some time and always saw such powerful and unique wisdom in her words, her ideas, and her overall presence. It wasn’t until I joined one of her groups (The Art of Living) in 2016 that I really got to experience Molly’s wisdom in a much deeper, and meaningful way. 

I was exploring some changes and challenges in my own work life and found the insights I gained from Molly not only useful for my own professional navigation but crucial for every day, every moment of life.

I’m a raving fan – Molly is unique, brilliant, and compassionate and very, very real. Her style is gentle, open and honest. She may appear loose at times yet in all this she packs an enormous amount of punch in how her wisdom, life and coaching mastery open up possibilities for profound learning, insights and even transformation.

I took away a ton from Molly’s program and am still living it every day. It’s easy to get caught up in our dramas, our self judgment and our worries  – but Molly’s sharing of her own insights and personal experiences with the Three Principles offers a new way of living through those times of challenge.

She doesn’t offer silver bullets, nor quick fix-it solutions. Instead, she offers a new lens to view, learn, and live each moment at a time.

I’m grateful for Molly and know anyone who spends time with her will feel the same.

Eileen Chadnick

Author and Coach, Big Cheese Coaching

Deep insights into how I can find my way back to trust

When we began working together I was alternating between pushing myself and dropping everything. Now I am finding new gears in my work. It sometimes surprises me how much things move forward when I rely on trusting my inner wisdom, instead of running after what I believe to be important.

I have also had deep insights into how I can find my way back to trust in a tangible way, which is important for me so I can work effectively with my business. [I’m experiencing] increased trust, more clarity, increase in productivity, more enjoyment of everyday and a happy surprise, a much closer relationship to my husband. I am much more in touch with what matters most to me.

I recommend coaching with Molly to anyone who is ready to take 100% responsibility for what is happening inside of them and wants to increase experiences of peace, harmony, love and enjoyment of living.

Marie D. Tiger

Color Is Action

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