There’s No Way that Things Are “Supposed” to Be

Sometimes we lives as though there is a way things should unfold, that certain things should happen and other things shouldn’t. Our spouses should be faithful. Loved ones should not get cancer. When we look more closely, though, we see that doesn’t make any sense at all.


  1. Suzette Clough

    Dear Molly, so good to see you and hear your words…I feel the truth of them and your deep sincerity. I worked with you about 9 years ago – in that same period I had a breast cancer scare, then my mother died and then my older brother died very shortly after that…(you were facilitating a really gorgeous group of women) I also asked you to write a blurb for my book Visual Medicine – the Art of the Unknown – which you did! and it is now published…I would love to belatedly send you a copy. Could you let me know your address. I am sending you blessings and healing…you look amazing, clear and luminous. Much love, Suzette Clough XXX

    • Molly

      Thank you, Suzette, and congratulations on getting that book published. I emailed you my mailing address. Love!

  2. Gavin

    Your August video’s are brilliant and touching to the very core of my being. The one thing that came up big for me is the background behind the effect it had on you, and your reaction to it all.
    I find difficulty with understanding how after thousands of years of the medical profession practicing on human beings, The best treatment they’ve come up with so far to take away the disease of cancer, is to cut and burn it out of us. I could feel your going into surgery with your sense of peace and then coming out later with what you stated to be your truth on the matter, though what came up for me is the utter violation, or invasion into the sacrosancity of you the human being under discussion here.
    Yes we can say they are doing the best they can in their moment to moment experience; but here there is a profit margin a very big one too. Where the medical profession have an agenda in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry, and what are the profit margins of these companies, they are absolutely beyond the imaginations of the ordinary folk they claim to be doing their best for.
    They will say there is no alternative treatments that are available etc,etc. It is not my intention to delve into that cauldron on this occassion. But I do not believe for one moment, that they want to leave this gravy train any time soon.

    There is a Program in the U.K that airs on Channel 4 A television programme that’s named “Supervet” this supervet is a man from Ireland whom is a dedicated 365 days a year vetinary surgeon whom bemoans the human medical industry for not taking on the leaps and bounds that the vets have taken in advancing the treatment of all animals, to take this into the care and healing of human beings. But for some reason, only they know they refuse to listen. I woder whether there’s not a big enough financial incentive.
    If you ever feel the need to have your heart touched, to renew your connection back into the human race, as a whole then find this programme and watch it. This man takes two days off a year, these he reserves for two editions of “The greatest day out for your dog” he with plenty of help, holds these in two far apart stately homes/estates in England, and ends the day with a long walk for the dogs and their human companions, around the grounds of these stately homes; upwards to 7,000 dogs can be present including many past patients with their bionic body parts, alowing them to have a continued, and extended life beyond what was originally thought to be possible.

    • Molly

      Thank you, Gavin. There’s a great deal we don’t know yet about the body, disease, etc. That said, I am deeply moved by the dedication, compassion, and skill of the folks who are treating me. I feel very fortunate.

  3. Gavin

    P.S You can find excerts of the “Supervet” programme on YouTube. Enjoy.
    My apologies for any spelling errors, though it’s no big deal, really.


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