What if it’s perfect? You, your life, the whole thing…

Timothy Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Tennis, has said that life is a perfectly designed workshop. The part I didn’t realize when I heard that, and which I see know, is that each of us is also perfectly designed for our lives. There is no test we need to pass. Nothing to prove.

I’m still experiencing a bit of brain fog post-surgery*, so I made this a very short video. I invite you to watch it to catch the feeling, and then to play with what shows up for you. Do let me know what you see!

*On April 11th I had surgery to complete breast reconstruction following my mastectomy in 2015. If you are curious about it, you are welcome to visit my CaringBridge journal. Everything’s going swimmingly. 🙂


  1. Diana Daffner

    Your use of the word “perfect” reminded me of how that word transformed my relationship. Although I wrote about my experience (www.IntimacyRetreats.com/motivation/jumping-from-judgement-to-love), I do not always remember, and listening to you now was a great reminder, thanks!

  2. Susan

    Hello Molly,
    Glad to hear your surgery went well 🙂

    Life is a perfectly designed workshop; that sits well with me.
    The elements of task and test you described, I’d say was/is part of the process in the learning. Let’s talk about “workshop” as a term. To me, it differs from say a seminar because you participate actively in the learning container. Bursts of awareness show up along the way.

    When you say, we are designed perfectly – boy, do I agree. This is the hardest concept for my clients to grasp. As most are dealing with illness and inability. To put it in the context that you are speaking, they believe the workshop is seriously flawed and they are f*ed, in fact, many actually say – I did not sign up for this.

  3. JC Snowe

    Hmmmm. . .I write being “Between Stories.” In fact, my husband and I are taking the Learning Journey for that condition currently. So, I am not yet ready to respond from a New Story place. What comes to mind, though is my first year of honors college: I sat down in the commons with my new books and the chem lab book I couldn’t understand. No, not trouble comprehending, more like written in a foreign language. “I’m going to fail!” was all that came to mind. Luckily, I went to class, and my lab partner told me it was calculus, and I wouldn’t need it as not required for the course. This gives me hope my current inability to see where I fit in will emerge if I keep open to Guidance and am willing to have my truths and beliefs revised.

    Maybe people having trouble coping haven’t had the workshops I did to prepare me? Maybe we assume incorrectly? That’s all I have is questions at this point.

    • Molly

      ♥ And maybe there is a difference between perception and reality. 😉


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