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Wholeness Hangout MandalaWhat are the keys to being a mature, masterful leader and coach?

Underlying the ups and downs and ins and outs of the human experience is a simple truth: each of us possesses innate wellbeing. We are each essentially and entirely whole and possess the inherent capacity to learn, grow, and create. This insight has long been a tenet of the coaching profession. It is even incorporated in the International Coach Federation’s definition of professional coaching.

Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.

I practiced coaching for 16 years before seeing the underlying truth and the profound implications of this insight. Those became apparent when I encountered the work of Sydney Banks, commonly referred to as The Three Principles. The Three Principles radically shifted my understanding of coaching and the Principles behind coaching mastery.

I created the Wholeness Hangouts to share these principles and other insights into living wisely and well with coaches, clients, and allied professionals. Join us live or enjoy the replays–all at not cost.

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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first three books listed are good introductions to the Three Principles. They are followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd's books, you'll find a selection of books by his students.

    the space within by Michael Neill Start here to learn more about the Three Principles                                 Relationship Handbook 2017   seduced by consciousness jack pransky  The joy FormulaMind Yoga                                   

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