Wholeness Hangout February 2016

Branding as an Exploration and Expression of Wholeness

Wholeness Hangout Mandala
Over the years I have been struck by the perceived gap between business and spirit. Sometimes this is expressed in assumptions that to succeed one must be inauthentic or venal, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. For many years the core of my work was helping self-employed professionals see through this false dichotomy and create thriving businesses grounded in their values and congruent with their chosen ways of being.

My colleague Sandra Koenig is especially well positioned to speak to this and help us not just bridge the gap but dissolve it. During this hangout we will explore what becomes possible when we approach branding as an exploration and expression of our essence, including our essential wholeness.

The Replay

Download the audio: Branding as an Exploration and Expression of Wholeness 2-12-16


Work with Sandra

Sandra is forming a low cost group program to do transformational branding work. Stay tuned. I’ll post details shortly.

About Sandra Koenig and Branding Harmony

Photography by Rob Perica, hairstyling, makeup and design by Wiyanna Oakley.

Photography by Rob Perica, hairstyling, makeup and design by Wiyanna Oakley.

Sandra has over 25 years’ experience as a designer and creative director. Her projects have included work for an eclectic Who’s Who of corporate success stories ranging from Apple and Budget Rent-A-Car to Johnson & Johnson and Anheuser-Busch.

As a brand coach, Sandra draws upon her extensive branding experience to help organizations and entrepreneurs discover their vision and launch powerfully authentic brands. She brings a sense of joy and adventure to all her work, excels at big picture thinking and strategy, and is a creative and intuitive partner who is genuinely committed to the success of her clients.

Sandra trained as a coach at the renowned Coaches Training Institute. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), as well as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She completed Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in 2014, so has the additional credential as a Certified Transformational Coach. She holds a BS in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati, and a MA in Counseling Psychology/Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sandra has a lifelong love of learning, and has spent many years studying transformational work – including in-depth experience with the Three Principles, the enneagram, the Release Technique, bioenergetics, yoga, process painting, and the Diamond Approach.

You can learn more about Sandra’s work at:

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