June 2017 Wholeness Hangout

Expanding Your Wealth: How Living Into Questions Can Inform Your Richness

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For several years I have chafed against conventional thinking about pricing my services. I began to experiment with Pay What You Choose pricing for coaching, but I still wasn’t quite satisfied with where I had landed. A few months ago I shared my interest in the gift economy in a Facebook Group, and another member introduced me to Nicole Huguenin. Nicole graciously agreed to a Skype conversation, and we connected immediately. I was blown away by her insight into the wealth of possibilities available to us when we free our minds to think in new ways about business, money, value, and equity. I knew at once that I wanted to have her as a guest on the Wholeness Hangout.
After growing up in the boon of Silicon Valley and spending 15 years in the education sector, Nicole found it rather financially expensive and emotionally costly to do good work. After a hard stop and move across country she began to ask different questions of herself and communities. Questions such as:
  • What are my gifts?
  • How do I value them and how does society value them?
  • Can we all be rich?
  • Is it possible for all our needs be taken care of?
During this hangout we’ll collectively dive into these questions and more while also hearing a bit about Nicole’s own experiments in being good first and how that informs her current practice of doing good work.

Watch the replay or download the audio here

Click here to listen to or download the audio: Expanding Your Wealth Wholeness Hangout Nicole Huguenin 6-1-17

About Nicole Huguenin

Nicole Huguenin is a former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72-year-old women in 2012, Nicole founded Wild Dream Walks, a company that alternatively invests in the dreams of everyday people (she also now lives with that woman as her adopted granddaughter and caretaker as she ages). Nicole is also a founding Member-Owner of Walk2Connect Coop after personally experiencing the power of connection while walking with a new person every day in 2015. Curating for good is the bottom lines that drives her work in this world.


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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first book listed is a wonderful introduction to the Three Principles. It is followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd’s books, you’ll find a selection of books by his students.

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