January 2018 Wholeness Hangout

Wholeness Hangout Mandala

An unconventional conversation about life purpose with Lissa Boles

Life purpose is meat and potatoes to the human potential movement. Some would say that knowing your life purpose is critical to living a meaningful, happy, and fulfilling life.

On Friday, January 5, Lissa Boles and I will host an unconventional conversation about life purpose challenging commonly held myths and inviting fresh insights into what it means to live a purposeful life.

Some of the things we’ll look at include:

  • For the sake of what do we even talk about life purpose?
  • What’s the relationship between one’s individual, personal sense of purpose and the wellbeing of the communities in which we are embedded?
  • What indicators do we use to assess whether or not we are living purposefully, and how do these indicators shape our choices?
  • In what ways is life purpose helpful, and in what ways is it a red herring that distracts us from full engagement here and now?

As always, explorations in the Wholeness Hangout are non-scripted and emergent. We won’t really know where we are going until we get there. That’s one reason why your participation and presence are so important. Please join us!


Click the link below to listen to or download the audio and the chat transcript for this Hangout. Scroll down to watch the video replay.

About Lissa Boles

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Lissa Boles is a small business coach and consultant who uses a unique blend of astrology and coaching to help change agents, purposeful entrepreneurs, and thought leaders first deeply clarify their purpose and then answer their calling through business, all while restoring the soul of business itself.

Named one of 2011’s “Fastest Growing Inspirational Businesses,” in past professional lives, Lissa was a consumer goods and services media marketing specialist as well as the talk-radio host of Toronto’s Small Business Big Ideas show.

You can learn more about Lissa and her work at TheSoulMap.com.

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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first book listed is a wonderful introduction to the Three Principles. It is followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd’s books, you’ll find a selection of books by his students.

  the space within by Michael Neill                                                                               

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