September 2017 Wholeness Hangout

Money Shenanigans with Mary Schiller, author of #PriceLikeaGirl and #ShowMetheMoney

Wholeness Hangout MandalaIn her third guest appearance on the #WholenessHangout, Mary Schiller and I are going to talk about money and the possibilities for anyone, including YOU, to really, truly, finally have a lovely freaking relationship with it.

Imagine: fun with money.

I can’t wait to dive into this territory with my dear friend. For one thing, I always have such a great time with Mary. For another, I always learn tons. And then there’s the curious fact that Mary and I are coming from the same foundation and expressing our understanding in what look like wildly different ways. Mary is showing women how to ask for and get more money for their work (#pricelikeagirl); I’m all about exploring the gift economy/gift ecology, in which I don’t price anything. How is it that we start in the same place and emerge looking so different? And why are we so tickled about it?

I never know exactly where we’ll go in a #WholenessHangout. That depends on what arises at the time and who shows up and what they ask for. (Both Mary and I hope YOU show up and ask for what you need to have as much fun and freedom around money as we are having). I can promise this:

  • No cookie-cutter formulas or systems.
  • No holding back. What we know is what you’ll get.
  • Lots of laughter.
  • An invitation to recreate your relationship with money from the inside out.
  • A huge freaking permission slip.

Who is Mary Schiller? An answer in her own words.

For my entire adult life, from 1983 until 2014, I suffered with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. I had times when I felt happy, of course, but much of the time I felt like I was existing, not living. And I was sad. It seemed like my life had been taken from me, and what I was left with just wasn’t the life I had dreamed of living.

I was missing something: something big.

In 2014, I discovered that what was missing … well, it wasn’t actually missing it all.

The happiness, peace and utter joy I wanted so badly to experience wasn’t just within me, it WAS me. It was a milestone that changed the course of my life forever. I haven’t been the same since, in the best possible way.

In 2016, I had another breakthrough moment: What if I only did things I wanted to do and ignored the rest? I gave myself permission to live the life I really wanted to live. And ever since then, everything has changed — and fast! I have written books, met people I’ve admired for years, started my own business and made it financially successful, spent time with my family  — and achieved a lifelong dream of moving to Paris, France. All in just one year!

What’s on your wish list? What do you want to start doing, and what do you want to stop doing? You Have Permission.

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