November 2017 Wholeness Hangout

If the Three Principles are so great, where’s the bed of roses?

If the Three Principles are so great, where's the bed of roses?

Does this sound familiar?

The understanding known as the Three Principles or a similar awakening has come into your life, and you’ve seen something about the illusory nature of thought and/or your essential nature. At first it seemed revelatory, yet… life continued to happen. In spite of your new understanding, you continued to experience ups and downs.

And maybe you find yourself asking, “Why aren’t I living in bliss? Where is the bed of roses?”

If so, you are not alone.

Wholeness Hangout MandalaThe difference between eliminating moods and having a new relationship to them

In this month’s Wholeness Hangout, Juliet Fay shares her experience of the ups and downs of life after encountering the Three Principles. Join us to explore how her deepening understanding has changed her own and others’ relationships to their moods and how it is that change, rather than the elimination of low moods, which brings the greatest hope and freedom from suffering.

Not instant transformation but unfolding insight

For Juliet and many others transformation isn’t necessarily instant. The path can be unexpected, painful, beautiful, emotional, and disorienting as who we think we are begins to drop away and in its place something new emerges but then seems to disappear as if it never was. Juliet will also share her evolving understanding of compassion, which can be overwhelming but also immensely healing.

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About Juliet Fay

Juliet Fay \After a short spell in overseas development and a long stint in organic farming, Juliet was working for a heritage steam railway tourist attraction as a marketing and business development manager when the Three Principles understanding landed in her awareness in March 2016 (actually via my Wholeness Hangout with Mary Schiller, Can an Insight Cure PTSD?).

That Hangout sparked an immense curiosity, which she followed. The last 18 months have taken her from Oslo in Norway to Salt Spring Island in Canada and brought new experiences and people into her life in totally unexpected ways. At the same time, she’s experienced an internal journey of ongoing slow transformation.

Juliet now facilitates conversations about where our experience is coming from with members, staff, and volunteers at a local mental health charity and runs private online and in person events and programmes exploring this understanding. She kick started an informal network of Three Principles people in Wales, still gets hired to help others with marketing insights from time to time, writes poetry, and takes a ridiculous number of photos on her walks by the Three Rivers estuary where she currently dwells in West Wales, UK. She has yet to figure out a job title.

Her work continues to humble her as she sees the power this understanding has to release people from the prison of their own suffering.

Juliet is currently co-writing a book with Leadership Coach, Elizabeth Lovius, with the working title, Moods and How to Survive Them. Read her blog at and keep in touch by joining Juliet’s mailing list You can also ask to join the free Facebook group she hosts, Love your life again (moods and how to survive them).

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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first book listed is a wonderful introduction to the Three Principles. It is followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd’s books, you’ll find a selection of books by his students.

  the space within by Michael Neill                                                                               

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