October 2017 Wholeness Hangout Replay

Nicola Bird and the missing link in success formulas

Wholeness Hangout MandalaNicola Bird is no stranger to success. She devoted a large part of her life to setting and achieving goals. She was deliberate, purposeful, focused, and disciplined. And it sure looked like she knew the formula for making things happen. But when Nic encountered the Three Principles and the inside-out understanding, her understanding of that formula shifted profoundly. In this hangout, we’ll talk about that shift and how she came to understand the missing link, the piece that is left out of almost every success formula, yet that, once you know to look for it, is readily apparent in every success story.


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About Nicola Bird

For most of her life, Nicola Bird was a self-described massive over-achiever. When she began to experience anxiety and panic attacks at university, she assumed they just came with the territory of success. She pursued remedies with the same commitment and drive that she brought to everything, but nothing worked, and anxiety dogged her steps through a successful corporate career, marriage, the birth of her three children, and the development of Jigsaw Box, which became a million dollar business helping coaches get their content online.

In 2013, Nic encountered the teachings of Sydney Banks (the Three Principles) and came to a completely new understanding of how human beings create the experience of anxiety and how to dissolve it almost effortlessly.

She has spent the last four years travelling all around the world (so much for agoraphobia!) studying with the pioneers in the field to gain a deeper understanding of the Principles that had transformed her life in a matter of weeks.

Now her life’s work is to share what she has learned that made such a huge difference to her and the lives of the people she loves.

Nicola Bird’s Qualifications: BSc Psychology, MSc Psychology, Advanced Transformative Coach, and last, but not least, personally now completely free from anxiety.

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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first few books listed are good introductions to the Three Principles. They are followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd’s books, you’ll find a selection of books by his students.

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