July 2017 Wholeness Hangout

One Thought Changes Everything with Mara Gleason

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Oh yes! I was thrilled to host Mara Gleason, author of One Thought Changes Everything, in this month’s Wholeness Hangout. We’ll be talking about the insights she shares in her book and how those insights hold the key to individual, organizational, and even global change including such seemingly divergent and pressing problems as terrorism, climate change, and economic injustice. Scroll down to watch or listen to the replay.

Mara’s book is the story of human beings and how we create our experience of reality. But perhaps more importantly, it points to how when any of us truly understand how we create reality, surprising and profound changes occur in our lives and in the world around us.

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About the book and One Solution

Start here to learn more about the Three PrinciplesOne Thought Changes Everything begins with a moment when Mara was 11 and her father came across an understanding of the mind that dramatically changed him as a father and business leader. Her curiosity about what exactly changed him led her down the path of training and then a career sharing these principles of the mind with people from all walks of life. From the man at an IT company, who decided to stop living in his basement and stop hitting his daughter, to the professional athlete, who began living out his dreams again after having given up, to the US Marine, who realized a deeper love for humanity than he ever knew was possible, she has observed this understanding profoundly influence the lives of her clients and the lives of those around them.

Mara’s book weaves together personal, humorous, and deeply touching stories of her own new thoughts, thoughts that changed the trajectory of her life , with stories of her clients’ insights. We follow her evolution to perhaps her biggest new thought yet—that this understanding of the mind is the one thing that would solve every global issue of our time. Mara offers the radically hopeful yet simple message that at the source of all issues, whether personal, organizational, or global, is the misunderstanding of the mind that pervades society today. The changes we see in her father, in Mara herself, and in her clients when they discover how the mind truly works, are the very same changes that would dissolve the greatest issues of our time, from terrorism and war to addictions, inequality, and climate change. There is not a single issue humanity faces that is not fueled by a misunderstanding of the mind and that could not be solved by a new understanding.

Whether you want to understand yourself better, your relationships, your business, or the world at large, One Thought Changes Everything offers a a quietly simple solution that just may rock your world, and in turn change the world.

To learn more about Mara’s organization, One Solution Global, visit http://onesolutionevent.com/.

About Mara Gleason

Mara Gleason, three principles teacher Mara Gleason is the co-creator of One Solution, a non-profit organization that envisions a world where persistent global challenges are more clearly understood and quickly alleviated by a more profound understanding of the mind. She was also co-founder of One Thought, a NYC and London-based company, which offers entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations a new understanding of the mind which brings about a new reality of working life. Mara is a sought-after international speaker and author of One Thought Changes Everything. Her clients have included Russian physicists, the tech ambassador to London, companies such as Microsoft, as well as the US Army, Marines, and the NHL. “Everyone has a mind, and everything in life gets better when we learn how to use it more effectively.”

Mara graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University. She currently lives in Brooklyn, Oslo, and London.

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