January 2017 Wholeness Hangout

The Miracle of Ordinariness: A free Wholeness Hangout with Sue Pankiewicz

Wholeness Hangout MandalaWhere does wellbeing come from?

What does it mean to be whole?

And what really helps human beings to access their wellbeing and wholeness?

That’s some of what we’ll be exploring in the next free Wholeness Hangout with my guest Sue Coltman (Pankiewicz). Please join us!

Download the audio or watch the replay below

Click here to download the audio for the Wholeness Hangout with Sue Coltman Pankiewicz 1-19-17


About Sue Coltman: B.A.hons, PGCE, Three Principles Facilitator and Mentor

Sue taught in senior mainstream schools and special education units for 18 years. She became a Three Principles based facilitator in 2006 after she had the great good fortune to discover the work of Sydney Banks, which led to a year-long facilitator training with Dr. Roger Mills and several opportunities to learn from Mr. Banks personally. Benefiting enormously from their teachings along with many other wonderful Three Principles practitioners was a delightful experience and adventure. The missing piece that made a profound difference was learning about the principles behind the “human operating system.” Sue discovered that the only thing that had ever stood between her and her longed-for life was wonderfully simple—requiring no study, no analysis and best of all brought back fun, light heartedness and freedom—and natural.

Sue’s new quietness of mind, joy, and greater ease arrived after years of tiring self-discovery, self-help, and over-thinking her life and relationships. This had been frustrating and at best of limited help but she had held an enduring belief that life could be freer of doubt, insecurity and corrosive anxiety.

For the past 10 years Sue has shared this understanding widely in diverse settings.  Her most recent adventure is focused specifically on helping other mature women to realise their full potential and capacity for happiness, freedom, and clarity of mind.

Sue lives in the country with her husband and has four wonderful adult children and two beloved grand-children.


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Resources for Deeper Insight into the Three Principles

The first book listed is a wonderful introduction to the Three Principles. It is followed by books written by Sydney Banks, whose awakening was the basis for The Three Principles. After Syd’s books, you’ll find a selection of books by his students.

  the space within by Michael Neill                                  Relationship Handbook 2017    “Exquisite Mind--How Three Principles Transformed My Life, and How They Can Transform Yours”                                         

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