Want What You Want: The September 2015 Wholeness Hangout with Susan Motheral

Wholeness Hangout MandalaMy guest this month was Susan Motheral, a transformational coach who is on the faculty of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy.

I met Susan at a Three Principles Global Conference in Minneapolis two years ago. Last summer, I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with Susan along with Cherie Ray, Tony Fiedler, and Steve Adair, all of whom have been guests on preview Wholeness Hangouts.

Susan and I followed the prompts of our hearts in this Hangout. We explored what it means to want what you want. We shared some experiences with breast cancer (Susan experienced it 19 years ago, I’m in the midst of treatment now). We’ve both studied psychology and coaching and are Three Principles practitioners. We both garden and love to laugh. It was a wonderful conversation!

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About Susan Motheral

Susan Motheral Fort Worth Texas


Susan Motheral’s life and her work are about planting seeds, nurturing their growth and development, and enjoying the bounty that comes from these efforts, in her garden and with people. In her organic garden, she grows things like figs and antique roses and creates habitats for butterflies and for people to flourish.

Seventeen years ago, at a time in her life when she was a totally stressed-out mess, Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of this experience, she decided that she had to find a better way to live. In reality, having a wonderful life is BOTH easier and a whole lot more fun than she ever imagined. She loves sharing what she knows to be true.

With people, Susan also plants “seeds” and nurtures growth and development. This work is based on the insights of the mystic Sydney Banks, variously called the Three Principles or Innate Health. In her one-on-one coaching and public speaking, she works with people all over the world. She loves that spark when people wake up and they see farther and slip into a place where they do things like worry less and experience less anxiety and have lots more fun (in addition to accomplishing more, having more peace and freedom, etc. etc). In the words of the mystic, Sydney Banks: “We have the most wonderful job in the world. We find people in various stages of sleep. And then we get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.”

After college, Susan earned a PhD in behavioral psychology at Duke University and later an MBA at Southern Methodist University. Prior to her current “incarnation” Susan did a variety of work, including institutional stock brokering, commercial real estate sales, acquisition and management, and serving on the faculty and conducting special projects for senior administration in a growing medical school/health science center.

Susan travels extensively and lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas, which is also her hometown. Her coaching space, The Chrysalis, IS a place for transformation, and is located in the sanctuary of her butterfly garden. In addition she has an infectious laugh, and is always planting something new, literally or metaphorically!

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