Wholeness Hangout: Higher Brain Living and the Three Principles

Wholeness Hangout MandalaThe April 2015 Wholeness Hangout will be a unique, informative, and entertaining interview and discussion. I will be interviewing a father-son team, who are both leaders in two leading edge developments in personal transformation: the psycho-spiritual understanding called the Three Principles of Mind-Consciousness-Thought and the integral neuroscience program called Higher Brain Living.

(I interviewed Craig in January and it was a big hit!)

Craig Polsfuss

Craig Polsfuss

Zach Polsfuss

Zach Polsfuss










In one of Zach’s first few Higher Brain Living session be had a full blown enlightenment experience that he most eloquently describes with Three Principles language. Craig had his transformational awakening when he was 28, just before Zach was born. He soon discovered the Three Principles and found that to be the most powerful descriptive language for what he had awakened to as well.

And finally, Craig has a fantastic sense of humor—and Zach doesn’t think so… 🙂

During the Hangout we reference a short animated video. Click here to watch the video about Higher Brain Living.

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