Wholeness Hangout with Barb Patterson October 2014: Beyond Self-improvement

Wholeness Hangout MandalaThere’s a way in which we can go through life feeling responsible for sourcing good ideas, generating good behavior, getting and staying on top of things. We feel like we have to be on the job, constantly monitoring ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. What if all that is unnecessary?

What if being you could be easier?

That’s what coach and Three Principles practitioner Barb Patterson and I will explore during this month’s Wholeness Hangout. Join us in an exploration of how we can experience life with greater ease and freedom by deepening our understanding of the spiritual principles behind the human experience.


About Barb Patterson

Barb Patterson Three Principles PractitionerBarbara Patterson is the owner of a principle-based coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of The Three Principles to her work with coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. She has over 20 years experience coaching and working globally as both an internal executive and outside consultant. She has worked with and coached CEOs and top executives from all regions of the world; she has built a successful consulting and coaching business and has mentored other coaches to do the same. Barb has lived across the US, Africa, and in Paris. Her diverse global portfolio includes work with businesses, their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants in various fields of work. Today, in addition to running her own coaching and consulting business, Barb is partnering with Linda & George Pransky developing Principles-Based Practitioners through mentoring, training, and one-on-one work. She is also on the faculty of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy 2014.



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